valoaccs is a tactical shooter that has quickly risen in popularity since its release. Its popularity also means that there are a lot of funny Valorant jokes and funny hilarious memes.

One of the most hilarious voice lines in Valorant is KAY/O’s line “Toaster!” when he kills an enemy agent. It’s a fun way to let players know that mechanical skill alone won’t win you a match.

1. “It’s all in your mind”

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2. “It’s not about the gun”

In It’s Not About the Gun, Kathy Stearman explores how women are viewed in the FBI and how she was able to climb up the ranks to become the first woman Legal Attache in a foreign office. Her story shows how attitude, gender and the culture of the FBI affect women’s ability to thrive in male-dominated spaces and nurture themselves.

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3. “It’s about the team”

Valorant is a free to play, team based first person shooter that has players in teams of five attempting to defuse bombs planted by their opponents. It features a wide range of weapons and abilities that can be acquired through charges like spike actions, orbs, kills and more.

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4. “It’s not about aiming”

Valorant, a first-person shooter from Riot Games, is a team-based hero shooter that puts players in the role of agents. Each agent has a unique set of abilities, each of which is charged through spike actions, orbs, and kills.

A lot of Valorant’s mechanics are based around aiming, and it’s important to make sure you don’t get too carried away with this. If you’re not able to aim properly, you can lose the round. It’s also important to coordinate with your team on when to buy weapons, shields, and utilities or when it’s time to save up. It’s worth noting that you can communicate these decisions through voice chat or the “Let’s Buy” and “Let’s Save” buttons on the Buy menu. This will help ensure your team is prepared for the next round. Good luck! You can find a variety of Valorant accounts on AccountKings.

5. “It’s about winning”

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed by Riot Games. It has quickly become one of the most popular FPS games in the world.

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6. “It’s about friendship”

Valorant is a team-based hero shooter with a unique tactical twist. It features a five-on-five gamemode where each team has to defend or attack a bomb.

The most fun aspect of the game is playing with your friends and teammates. To add friends, simply open Valorant and click on the ‘Friends’ tab which is located on the top right part of the screen. Then, type in your friend’s Riot ID and tagline.

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7. “It’s about winning too well”

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8. “It’s about losing”

Whether you’re playing the game for fun or trying to take your skills to the next level, losing is inevitable. And while there are a lot of ways to avoid this, there are also some strategies that can help you minimize the risk of losing.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from losing is by keeping your Valorant account safe and secure. This includes making sure that your email isn’t shared with anyone and keeping it secret. It’s also important to keep your computer scanned before you login.

9. “It’s about smurfing”


“Smurfing” is a term used in online gaming that describes players who create a second account to play against lower-ranked opponents. This often results in the better player steamrolling their opponents since they’re much more skilled.

Historically, smurfing is a practice that has been criticized and sometimes banned in some games. However, it still happens in some competitive platforms and in esports tournaments.

Smurfing is often a problem for games that have matchmaking systems that are designed to pair players of similar skill levels together. This can make it difficult for less-skilled players to advance in a game, as they may have to wait too long to play against someone at their level.

10. “It’s about smurfing”

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