Designing Of Custom Hemp Packaging – An Easy Guide

Designing Of Custom Hemp Packaging - An Easy Guide

In the US, hemp and cannabis-based products have gained popularity over the years. These products have wide use in the medical and recreational industries. We have seen a significant rise in the competition among CBD brands. More competition demands more innovation.

Product packaging plays a key role in the growth of any business. Customers judge a brand from its packaging. Nice packaging not only attracts clients’ attention but also forces them to buy the product. This is the reason most cannabis brands invest a huge amount of money in custom hemp packaging.

Hemp packaging isn’t as simple as it sounds. This guide will help you understand the steps involved in designing hemp packaging. We will try to make this guide as simpler as possible.

How can customizations help you?

Customizations allow you to create what you exactly need. When it comes to hemp packaging, you can add as many customizations as you want. Cool hemp box designs can help attract customers’ minds in seconds. You can choose any design, shape, or color for your package. 

This smart packaging technique will significantly boost your sales and enhance your profit. In addition to that, it will help your brand earn more recognition in the market. Most importantly, customized packaging will control material wastage.

In addition to other benefits, custom hemp packaging is cost-effective. With the help of this packaging strategy, you can significantly cut down your production and shipping costs. Consequently, your brand will see a sharp rise in revenue and profit. Furthermore, it will enjoy more commercial success and growth.

Unique shapes

The very first thing customers notice is the outer packaging of your product. That’s why experts emphasize a lot on products’ display packaging. The shape of a box is considered a vital element of a product’s package.

Unique-shaped boxes make your product engaging and attractive. Unique packaging helps lift the image of your brand by telling your customers that you care about them. Customers prefer products that have an element of personalization. You can make your customers happy and satisfied by giving them personalized hemp packaging. This will help establish a strong bond and association between your core clients.

Add branding on the boxes 

Adding your brand’s logo to the product box can create a huge impact. This will make your company recognizable among your customers. Alongside your logo, you can add taglines and slogans as well. This too will significantly enhance your brand’s image in customers’ eyes. Furthermore, it will make your products distinctive and unique on the shelf.

This easy trick can help you advertise your brand without spending heavily on marketing. Personalized packaging can not attract more clients, it can make your company stand out in online and physical stores. What makes custom hemp cardboard boxes more special is that you can add any desired element to them. 


When it comes to designing a packaging box, graphics play an interesting role. Adding graphics to hemp boxes can make them more engaging and elegant. This provides a great opportunity to deliver your company’s vision to customers. You can use this technique to preach your brand’s philosophy to millions of customers. That’s why it is considered one of the best and most effective marketing tools. 

This design approach also helps from the sales point of view. You can add unique shapes and graphics to hemp packaging boxes to make them look more attractive. This allows the customers to make your product’s purchase in no time. 

Colors and Finishing 

We humans have a special association with colors. We are easily attracted to products that come in nice and colorful packaging. While making color choices, designers need to consider many things. Two color models are widely used in packaging printing: CMYK and PMS. This choice of color model depends on the product’s needs and specifications. Catchy color combinations are more engaging as they leave deep impressions in customers’ minds. They enhance the appeal and value of a product. 

You can add more features to CBD packaging boxes, for example, add-ons. A colorful hemp packaging with some add-ons enhances the outlook of the product. Adding die-cutting and PVC windows on hemp boxes can enhance the product’s transparency. Moreover, this can increase customers’ trust in your brand. 

To make hemp products successful, enhance the appearance and appeal of their packaging. If you stick to this golden rule, your brand will perform at its best. Your customers will feel happy and satisfied more and more than ever and your brand will enjoy optimum success.


Every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors. For hemp and cannabis-based businesses, custom CBD packaging techniques can do wonders. Adding customizations, add-ons and nice colors can make your packaging stand out on the shelf and online marketplaces. Product development and packaging design play an equal role in the success of any business. Therefore, you should ensure your hemp boxes look elegant before they make their way to the retail market.