Inventory Management For Small Businesses Wholesale In USA

Inventory Software for Small Business continues to evolve as companies grow and/or add products. Start-ups, new businesses and those on the road to growth and expansion. Often begin to manage inventory in simple and inexpensive ways. Such as using Excel spreadsheets to handle departmental data and formulas.

Sometimes the calculations and formulas to one person in the company, creating a weak spot. All it takes is a change of one employee and the system.

For example Inventory Software for Small Business,

the warehousing department sets up one system Inventory Software for Small Business . The sales department sets up another system. Both will do their best to maintain accurate inventory information when reporting to management. But, if management receives different numbers because each department records inventory at different stages of production. It is almost impossible to get accurate information for future decision-making.

Spreadsheets are great Inventory Software for Small Business

But they only work as a partial departmental solution. If you want to create a federated enterprise, you need to support that effort with a federated system. And this is where spreadsheets are a failure. You need an integrated business system where everyone sings from the same hymn sheet. where data only once. And where everyone relies on the same version of the truth.

Best small business inventory software

A simple small business inventory system integrates the data from each department. So that each department uses a single set of data. Each department can enter information and update. The same data set in the central system to get the same sales figures as the warehouse. When a product. it is immediately removed from stock.

The sale triggers other activities. And when enough of the product has. The stock level drops back down to the order level. Which in turn triggers a buy order. All areas of the business interact to ensure that production matches demand.
All the specific tasks performed by the different departments can and placed in the company’s inventory software setup. And for each department, different objectives can with one small enterprise inventory tracking system Inventory Software for Small Business.

Preventing stock-outs

Know when items expire and when promotions may to move inventory before that date.
Maintain enough stock to cope with normal increases in demand.
Keep track of products, batches and lots throughout the time raw materials or products are in the company’s facility.
Tracking sales and expenses, preparing invoices and reports, and communicating all information to accounting.


If you’re looking to attract investment for growth, you won’t go far if your business operates using a spreadsheet. Investors will see that you have implemented an integrated business system that acts as a platform for growth. That way, they can trust that you are using accurate data to make accurate decisions.
The SOS Inventory System is the ideal operational inventory control system for small businesses. It’s an invaluable tool for structuring the information in each department to get a clear picture of the whole organization.

Create an inventory system

Storage. Whether you buy, sell or manufacture products, raw materials and/or products supplied. To you by suppliers must on arrival, entering the item name, category, description, due date, cost, etc. Once each item has in the system, it becomes available for others to use. Scanning the information stored in the barcode speeds up this process and reduces human error. A large amount of information can with a barcode. SOS Inventory allows you to create and print barcode labels that can with any mobile device.


Someone in manufacturing can take a product and create a component, building or assembly. Inventory software removes raw materials or products from the inventory used to create them. To ensure that items used up in production. When the count drops to a predetermined quantity.
Products can serial numbers. Batch numbers or lot numbers to keep track of product groups. Created from the same materials and at the same time. The ability to track and trace products backwards or forwards. By one step allows companies to locate any products that may have with faulty materials.


You can be a single-location company or a multi-location company. That chooses to deliver from the warehouse closest to the customer. Your central system needs to account for products from all facilities. As costs can vary, so inventory accounting regardless of where the order starts. When the order is ready to ship, the system needs to know what is being shipped. Where it is going, how much it cost, what the customer paid for, and what to bill for. Inventory management software for small businesses plays an important role that a spreadsheet cannot.

Creating Sales Orders in SOS Inventory

When you create sales orders in SOS Inventory. You have complete control over customer information, order management and advanced reporting features. Create estimates, quotes, cash receipts. credit memos, lease and consignment sales, contract prices, commission rates. Returns, credit reserves and much more.

An inventory system for small business. Owners should be affordable enough for startups. Who need smart tools to cut costs, but also provide the flexibility to grow your business.

Inventory software for small businesses

The best accounting and inventory software for small businesses. Integrates financial and inventory functions into one central database, preserving uniform information across. The business for reporting integrity and intelligence in decision making. The ability to get a complete picture. With information on the supply chain, raw materials and costs at every stage of the production process.

Allows managers to narrow reporting to the exact data. They are looking for, or to include the whole story in year-end reporting. The ability to import and export inventory data into QBO simplifies. Operations and ensures accurate figures for financial reporting, tax or regulatory compliance.

Inventory Management Tools

SOS Inventory offers a full suite of inventory management tools to give business teams complete control over their operations. Create transparency while saving on labor costs and streamlining processes.

Accounting QuickBooks Integration

Millions of Quick Books Online users around the world enjoy. The convenience of Intuit’s cloud-based software to manage their business finances. But every industry is unique, and many companies have needs far beyond QBO’s capabilities. That’s where great inventory applications like SOS Inventory, designed to complement Quick Books. Online, extend functionality to perform many of the essential operational tasks required of companies that make or sell products.

Better inventory decisions lead to a more robust business future

When choices based on data rather than guesswork. Your Billing Software for Small Businesses can prepare for growth, forecast demand. Decide where to spend money and gain a better understanding of performance. sOS Inventory to the inventory management. Needs of small businesses. With advanced functionality for production, ordering and inventory management.

Is it time to take control of your inventory with SOS Inventory – the #1 small business inventory software?