When it comes to achieving a bright, attractive smile, one technique is Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore. Polishing is frequently performed at the conclusion of a routine dental visit or immediately following a dental procedure. Dentistry and dental hygienists are responsible for providing this Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore service.

Flossing and polishing are two important aspects of oral hygiene

Tartar is form when plaque on the teeth hardens into a mineral substance. Calculus is what your dentist may refer to it as. Tartar contains bacteria that can cause dental problems. Scaling is a procedure that a dental hygienist performs as part of a regular dental cleaning appointment. Additionally, the hygienist removes hard tartar from the teeth in addition to polishing them. Dental polishing can be use to remove surface stains from teeth, leaving them shiny and smooth after the procedure. If you want a more dramatic change in the color of your teeth, you may want to consider other whitening options.

How to Clean and Polish Teeth

Tooth polishing is a non-invasive dental procedure that can be perform at home. A dental hygienist typically uses a small soft rubber cup and polishing paste to clean and polish the teeth. A dentist may use an air-polishing system to remove severe stains from teeth, which uses pressurized air and water mixed with an abrasive to remove stains from the Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore. The removal of debris from exposed tooth roots is possible through the use of therapeutic polishing.

Products for Oral Hygiene

PROPHY PASTE: Prophylaxis is an abbreviation for tooth cleaning and polishing, which refers to the disease-prevention effects of brushing and polishing teeth. Dental hygienists fill the rubber cup with a variety of grit pastes, including fine, medium, and coarse. Surface stains can be remove with coarse and medium-sized pastes. The scratching and roughening of enamel on a microscopic level can aid in the formation of stains. The use of fine pastes to remove deeply embedded stains can be less effective than the use of coarse pastes in some cases.

Teeth Scaling and Polishing in Lahore

Teeth Aeration – Aerating the Teeth

When it comes to polishing your teeth, your dentist may use air polishing as an option. As reported in the Journal of the International Society for Preventive and Community Dentistry, air polishing is equally efficient when compared to polishing with a rubber cup and prophylaxis. Air polishing, on the other hand, is more gentle on the tooth enamel. Glycine (an amino acid) is a less abrasive and equally effective air polishing agent than sodium bicarbonate, which is more commonly used in the industry.

Precautions When Polishing Your Teeth

If you have gum recession and exposed cementum, you should polish your Best Dental Clinic in Lahore with an extra-fine polishing paste to avoid further sensitivity. Prior to scaling and polishing the teeth, it is critical to address any oral health issues that have arisen.

Dentures are not required for tooth polishing, but it can help patients feel more confident about their smiles and maintain good oral hygiene. Consult your dentist to see if polishing your teeth will be beneficial if you have surface stains on your teeth.