Different Types of Cardboard Tuck End Boxes That Can Be Recycled

To create your tuck end boxes, cardboard is the most flexible material available. Their ability to recycle is crucial to their commercial success.

Types of Custom Tuck End Boxes That Can Be Recycled?

Tuck End Boxes made of cardboard have proven to be much more beneficial than we’d expected. It has catapulted the packaging sector to unprecedented heights. Custom Boxes offers hundreds of various shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns for these boxes.

  • They have the power to totally change the look of your goods.
  • These boxes are the most effective in attracting customers’ attention.
  • The most effective technique of displaying your company’s identity.

To guarantee that each tuck end box has a unique look, make them according to your tastes. This makes your company’s brand stand out on store shelves.

Different products are present in almost every home. As a result, they are the market’s most extensively distributed product. Even though we pack them in reverse tuck end boxes. The majority of the brands have a limited understanding of their types, designs, and uses.

Save Money While Expanding Your Business

The fact that cardboard is recyclable is the most beneficial feature of utilizing it. Buying Kraft straight tuck end boxes may help you save even more money. We often consider it as one of the most preferred packing choices throughout the world for all of these reasons.

What Is Cardboard?

Containers made of cardboard are prefabricated boxes. Companies are currently manufacturing them on a huge scale in an industrial setting. We mainly use them for packaging and transporting goods & products from one place to another. They are reusable, recyclable, and ecologically friendly.

Cardboard Manufacturing Phase

They’re made from naturally occurring resources like recyclable pulp. We turn the wood from the trees into pulp in this procedure. The pulp is then processed further to create a thin sheet of paper.

Depending on the type of stuff you select, you may vary the thickness of the tuck end boxes. Moreover, depending on your needs, you may make thin Kraft boxes to thick corrugated boxes.

What Are the Variances Between Different Types of Cardboard?

Reverse tuck end boxes are the most common box seen in almost every home. They are often classified into the following materials, which are based on their use, strength, and long-term durability.

1. Corrugated Cardboard 

To manufacture corrugated cardboard for tuck-end boxes. Fold the two sections together after gluing a fluted sheet between two straight liner boards. The horizontal edges of the material are perforated, while the vertical edges are chemically treated to improve the material’s compressive strength.

Multiple Walls Configuration

This shape makes it ideal for packaging and delivering a broad variety of products. You may further process this material to produce a single, double, or triple walled packing box.

But on the other hand, the third choice is the most long-lasting. We make them from three sheets that we bond together and sandwich between four pieces of liner board.

All the big manufacturing materials use it to make the most durable and affordable cardboard tuck end boxes. You may also use them for goods transportation. This material is good to make display boxes due to its lightweight.

2. Rigid Kraft

Hardbound textbook coverings, shoe packages, cellphone boxes, games, and other items are all made using Rigid Kraft. The majority of the time, we create it by compressing Kraft paper together using a binder among each Kraft layer. Until we don’t get the thickness we want.

Then we press the bundle is then repeated until it reaches our desired thickness. As it is a sturdy board. You may print it to give a distinctive appearance. Moreover, you may also make straight tuck end boxes with it. This is a term we often use to describe how we package products. This product is used to make boxes, especially for shipment.

3. Cardboard

We use words like a foldable board, cardboard, and boxboard to characterize this product. It has a smooth outer coating on the exterior and is very thin.

You may use it to make one-of-a-kind containers for cosmetics, cereals, perfumes, food, and beverages, among other things. Its ultra-durable security makes it a perfect material to use in almost any industry.

In spite of the fact that it is bendable and the outermost part is water-resistant. When exposed to weight or pressure, it performs best to save the product inside.


There is a common misunderstanding regarding which kinds of cardboard we may recycle. In reality, cardboard recycling is a very easy procedure that anybody can do. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are easily recyclable.

In the packaging business, this high-quality material with the reprocessing ability makes them ideal stuff to use.

Because we already process the bulk of the fiber. Processing pollution has been reduced by approximately 95% with this method.

Which Types of Boxes Can’t Be Recycled?

As long as your package is dry and clean. You can easily dispose of it in the recycle bin. Whereas Custom Tuck End Boxes that are wet or greasy are not recyclable. Pizza boxes, fast food containers, and other such items are examples.

Waxing of Materials

Waxing boxes block the sorting machinery, causing harm to even the highest-quality materials. You may also use other kinds of boxes with a wax covering or a comparable material, such as small boxes for juice packing or milk cartons. They have an adverse effect on their recycling capability.


As a consequence, before tossing them in the recycling bin, always check for the recycling symbol. Remove any oily cardboard pieces, plastic liners, or bags from the boxes. As recycling is a simple process. Recycling programs have a good future for coming generations if you understand the basics of recycling.


The most flexible types of packing material accessible for making your tuck end boxes are Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. The ability to recycle these custom printed boxes is the reason behind their success. These custom boxes from Custom Boxes let manufacturers save money while keeping the highest standard of performance.

We hope it will help 🙂