Don’t blame Dubai for hair loss

How many times have you heard your friends and colleagues blame Dubai for your hair loss? They attribute it to the city water. Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas, a hair transplant in Dubai surgeon to celebrities in Dubai and high-profile clients, who has been working in the emirate for two decades knows the reasons for hair loss and water is not one of them. “I laugh when some of my clients insist on washing their hair with mineral water, it’s not necessary at all. The water in Dubai is hard, but using a good shampoo and conditioner fixes that,” Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas explained.

The renowned specialist claims that most of his clients are men who suffer from genetic hair loss. “Men are more prone to baldness due to their genetics, but it can be corrected with a good diet and regular exercise. The problem, however, is that if it’s not addressed and they don’t seek medical advice, it won’t reverse the damage.”

While hair transplant in Dubai can be an effective solution, in many cases, regenerative medicine can fix many hair problems. “Good hair starts with a healthy scalp, and regenerative treatments can harness the power of your body’s own stem cells to strengthen hair and reduce loss,” Khan revealed.

Hair loss in women

Not just men, genetics is also responsible for hair loss among women, in at least 50 percent of cases. The other 50 percent is metabolic as a woman’s body goes through many changes due mostly to pregnancy or menopause. “You have to take care of your diet in the case of pregnant women because sometimes the lost hair never comes back,” warned the specialist.

Menopause is a very critical time, as 90 percent of estrogen levels drop. In these cases, replacement therapy is very helpful in balancing estrogen levels that can be restored. If replacement therapy is not an option, regenerative medicine can regrow hair through its own roots. The other common causes of hair loss among women include low hemoglobin levels and thyroid hormone levels. Drastic weight loss (3-4 kilos a month) can also lead to hair loss or thinning hair, she added.

Beware of summer

During the summer, your hair gets dry due to the heat. The average humidity of the hair should be around 8 to 10 percent and lowering the figure makes the hair brittle. “In case of extreme temperatures, sunscreen can be used on the hair, which prevents the risk of losing moisture,” the doctor advised. He further stated that ultraviolet rays affect the hair cuticles and weaken them. “You can also mix SPF 30+, oil-free sunscreen into your conditioner and apply it to your hair to provide extra protection.”

Do not believe in these hair myths

Do not use conditioner on the scalp. If your scalp is not treated correctly, your hair will never be healthy. Today’s conditioners are kind to the scalp and hydrate it.

Opt for sulfate-free shampoo. The idea of ​​using sulfate-free shampoos is wrong. Sulfate-free shampoos are not a must, look for milder sulfates.

Use organic products. Not all organic hair products are good for your hair. Some fancy ingredients are necessary for healthy hair and scalp and organic products cannot provide them. It is necessary to consult a hair expert and opt for the best shampoo from renowned pharmaceutical brands.

Scissors matter. Professional stylists use high-quality scissors. Improperly maintained scissors can damage the hair cuticles and break them.

Apply oil to hair. The hair structure is made up of protein and oils are made of fat. Your hair needs moisture and oil doesn’t provide any. A good conditioner will do better than any oil.