Muthoot Gold Point company buys back gold and jewellery items in the form of jewelry, coins, bars or in any format for market value from the rest. Thus, if you are seeking to sell gold to get instant cash now or even need to release a pledged gold loan we are here to assist you steadfast in our trading method keeping policies and ethics of our company.

Buying Second Hand Gold For Cash

We understand your desire to get back your gold at a reasonable price. So we provide a solution which is the best way to get back your pledged gold by giving you 100% cashback on your gold. Get verified and secured money within 24-72 hours without any troubles. We are premium sellers of gold and jewellery who pledge gold for loans with the highest risk profile in order to get back it with 100% cashback.

Old gold Jewellery- Buying for Best Price

Selling gold is a lucrative business. However, you wouldn’t want to sell your gold cheaply because then there would be no value in it. So, if you want to sell your gold for the higher value against the market price, then Muthoot Gold Point is the best option. When comes for gold purity check, our skilled specialists make sure advanced purity checking device utilizing the latest XRF technology towards determining the accuracy, purity, and weight of the gold

Best Way to Find Old Gold Buyers

When you have determined to pick the best gold buyers in Chennai to sell old or second hand gold, certain processes are followed that reflect the standards of the certified gold company. So, whether you buy back your pledge metal items or want to sell them among business ethics and expertise always gets the best cash when it comes to selling gold.

Why Should you Choose Muthoot Gold Point?

Indians are one of the biggest consumers of Gold in the world. Indians typically sell gold jewellery to save money, but there are also many other reasons for transferring Gold. Indian householders love gold and do not like to part with it especially when it is valuable. Selling gold is actually quite simple and can be done through a trusted gold refiner company which offers the best rates on selling your gold jewellery, coins or bars.

Before you sell your gold in Chennai, it is important to find out about the gold prices. Find the rate for 24 and 22 carat gold, the reputation of the buyer, and methods used to clean, weigh and melt the gold. >>>Read More<<<