Never before has our world had access to so many gorgeous options in corner shelving. How can you choose between different styles of wood corner floating shelves or free-standing Corner Shelves in Pakistan ? At ShelfGenie, we love when beauty meets function. We know shelves and solutions, as well as how important it is to use every inch of available space to its fullest capacity. How do you choose?First, pick your corner.

Know Your Corner Shelf Options

Did you know that, like people, corners come in two types? Introverted and extroverted. You can opt to enhance those corners in your home that extrude out, or the more common interior corners of rooms.After you pick your corner, choose your corner shelf type. This is where you might want a free design consultation, and perhaps the opinion of trusted friends or family members.Why? Because there are just so many great options out there. Corner shelves are only limited by imagination and ingenuity. On Etsy alone there are endless ideas for wood corner floating shelves.Floating corner shelves can be made from wood or any durable surface. Old skateboards? Probably. Painting easels? Surprisingly, yes. Framed ceramic tiles? Absolutely.If you can dream it, you can do it.

Creative Corner Shelves

Wood corner floating shelf.

When selecting which corner shelves are right for your home’s needs, first decide their ideal function.How much weight will the shelf need to bear? Once you establish that, the rest of your decision rests on design. For many of us, that’s the fun part.Freestanding corner shelves can bear a lot of weight, for which vintage, repurposed wooden doors are a gorgeous option (more on that below). If you prefer mounted shelves, which often handle an industry standard of up to 50 lbs, there is an endless supply to choose from.If you choose mounted shelves, perhaps you want cost-effective triangular corner floating shelves, laminated and easy to install on your own. These can easily be found at home goods stores. You can even make them yourself using materials from your local hardware supply or vintage store.The options just begin there. We scoured the internet to find you some of the most exciting and useful design ideas for maximizing your corners with shelving.

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Wood Corner Floating Shelves Made Simple

Wood floating corner shelves.

As pictured above, very elegant rustic floating corner shelves can be made from distressed wood. These mounted wooden plank shelves are one of the easiest types of shelves to make and install yourself, making the best use of available space.Floating shelves come in varying degrees of thickness and strength, made from a wide range of materials. Shelves can be made from wood, acrylic plastic, glass or metal, as well as cost-effective laminated plywood or particleboard, available in limitless colors.Perhaps you are looking to display unique corner pieces? For an elegant solution, consider triangular live-slab wood corner shelves. These should be well-lacquered to prevent any surface damage. Handcrafted DIY corner shelves are only limited by your imagination.

Wood Corner Floating Shelves in Modern Styles

Wood mounted floating shelf

Whether they be books, photos or collectibles, your valuables deserve one of the countless visually sensational mounted corner shelves. The mounted, vertical-box design wood corner shelf featured above is both beautiful and functional.Such vertical-boxed and even horizontal-boxed designs can span from floor to ceiling. You can also place more than one of these mounted shelves next to each other. Or if you dare, create your own unique corner shelf tower design.Designs for mounted corner shelves today are truly unlimited, ranging from rustic slatted wood to ornate mandalas; from the simple to the complex, and from vintage to modern.Just make sure that the attachments you use to mount the shelf onto your wall are sturdy and safe.

Mounting Corner Floating Shelves Safely

Wooden supporting brackets for shelving.

Wall brackets are critical to mounting shelves. Supporting brackets can be of wood, as shown above, or the more typical metal or aluminum. Repurposed rod iron fixtures, combined with live-slab wood corner shelf pieces, make durable, stunning options for bracing floating shelves.Just make sure that your wall-mounted shelf supporting brackets are durable, and when possible, connected to your wall’s studs. Brick, wood and cement walls can handle a lot of weight, whereas drywall cannot.Use plastic drywall anchors when there is no stud. Just be aware that your load-bearing weight for anchoring shelves into drywall without studs will be limited.If you find that your wall studs are in the wrong place for your design idea, try a mounting plate. This acts like a wooden backboard that bridges the distance between your wall studs.

Amazing Free-Standing Corner Shelves

Floor-to-ceiling wood corner shelves

Free-standing corner shelf design ideas offer a wide range of functions. They can also bear a great deal of weight. This free-standing, custom built corner-shelf unit made from wood is so sturdy you can fit an entire library inside. It also makes great use of corner and attic space.Across stores that sell home interior products, there exist a variety of modular design wood boxes that are stackable, letting you create with confidence. There are also an infinite number of pre-made stand-alone corner shelf units.If you like to DIY, repurpose an old wooden door to make a sturdy, stand-alone corner shelf so lovely and useful, you may end up making more than one. These free-standing corner shelf ideas will change the whole room.

Turn Some Amazing Corners

Light-colored reach-in closet.

Corner shelving options are as varied as the people who design them and choose to use them. Use your space wisely and beautifully.Whether you want to DIY or have our professionals at ShelfGenie help you, either way: it’s time to turn your corners around.