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1. You’re a Turkish Gamer

When a long day at work in front of his computer is over, business consultant Gurcan Gunduz (33), likes to grab a quick bite with his family and play video games. It’s a common habit among Turkish gamers – a growing number of Turkish people spend hours playing games on their phones and computers.

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industries in Turkey. Moreover, it brings in billions of dollars every year, according to an industry study by GIT.

The number of mobile gamers in Turkey has risen by four million over the past year alone. This is largely due to the popularity of hyper-casual mobile games. These games are easy to learn, attracting a wide audience that might play Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run on their commutes.

2. You’re a Turkish Gamer

Despite the political and economic turbulence of 2020, Turkey’s gaming industry thrived. In fact, its mobile gaming market has topped a billion dollars in annual revenue, and is on track to grow by ten percent each year.

buy turkish valorant account game developers have successfully tapped a huge market, acquiring 30 million local users and hundreds of millions more abroad. Studios like Good Job Games, Peak Games, and Fast Free Games have paved the way for this success.

These studios have made a name for themselves in the hyper-casual space, where easy-to-learn games target a broad audience. These titles have become the main driver of the Turkish gaming ecosystem, leading two Turkish studios to be acquired by US companies for hundreds of millions of dollars.

3. You’re a Turkish Gamer

Turkey is a gaming powerhouse, with a huge young population of digital natives. The country’s smartphone penetration is high, and it’s one of the world’s fastest growing markets for mobile games.

buy turkish valorant account gamers are known for their intense dedication and competitive spirit. The country is home to some of the world’s best gamers, and they are a big fan of MOBA, strategy, RPG and casual game genres.

The country’s booming mobile gaming industry has drawn developers from all verticals. It’s also been a source of wealth for the Turkish economy, with two companies becoming unicorns.

4. You’re a Turkish Gamer

buy turkish valorant account gaming industry has become a booming business, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. With a strong gaming culture and a huge mobile market, Turkey has the potential to become a major player in the global esports scene.

Turkish developers have tapped into this lucrative sector, creating some of the world’s most popular mobile games. Their titles have a loyal following, earning an average of 944,330 downloads from players around the globe.

But behind the scenes, many of these Turkish developers are battling long working hours, intense competition and low pay. They’re also suffering from a significant inflation rate that’s eroding their wages.

5. You’re a Turkish Gamer

A country of over 30 million mobile gamers, Turkey is now one of the world’s largest game markets. With an average of 944,330 downloads per title, buy turkish valorant account games are enjoying a record high in the global market.

This surge in mobile gaming activity during the pandemic and its aftermath has led to a record flurry of investment in the sector. As such, the industry has become a global leader in hyper-casual game development.

The country has also seen a booming esports market. Unlike China, South Korea and the USA, where esports have been embraced at the national level but are still growing, Turkey is one of the few nations that has directed government resources towards the formalisation of esports.

6. You’re a Turkish Gamer

In a country with 85 percent digital natives, Turkey is a key hub for casual gaming. It’s also a huge mobile market, which means that Turkish games can easily reach a global audience.

During the last decade, the Turkish gaming industry has thrived. Several Turkish companies, including Peak Games and Dream Games, became unicorns, worth billions of dollars.

Despite its massive growth, the sector is still in a precarious position. The industry is constantly churning, with new studios popping up all the time, and a high level of competition.

7. You’re a Turkish Gamer

In Turkey, esports is a big business. Lead by the likes of Good Job Games and Fast Free Games, buy turkish valorant account game studios have tapped a market of over 30 million local gamers and hundreds of millions more abroad.

In recent years, the country has seen a significant spike in its gaming industry. Its young population and booming mobile market have contributed to this growth.

The rise of esports in Turkey has prompted the government to direct resources towards its formalisation. Whilst this is a relatively late development in comparison to other countries that have already done so, it offers a promising future for the industry.

8. You’re a Turkish Gamer

Turkey is a huge mobile gaming market. It’s home to a young, vibrant population that enjoys a plethora of mobile games.

buy turkish valorant account game developers are one of the most successful and profitable in the world. According to a report from Sensor Tower, they earned $160 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Despite the turbulence that has hit Turkey’s economy in recent years, the country’s mobile gaming industry remains immune to its impacts. This is largely due to the fact that Turkish games can easily reach a global audience, and thus are less susceptible to local economic conditions.

This is why Turkish mobile gaming firms are thriving at present. And why, in the future, they could have a great impact on the development of the country.

9. You’re a Turkish Gamer

Turkey is one of the world’s largest game markets, generating over a billion dollars in revenue annually. Mobile games are a major driver of growth.

Turkish gamers love competition and like features that let them test their skills. They also like free-to-play games and a micro-transaction model.

Despite recent economic woes, the gaming industry has been booming in Turkey. With millions of people glued to their phones playing hyper-casual titles, Turkey has become a leader in mobile game development.

10. You’re a Turkish Gamer

The buy turkish valorant account gaming industry has skyrocketed to become one of the world’s most successful. Averaging a billion dollars in revenue every year, it is largely based on mobile games.

Turkey is home to several leading game developers, including Good Job Games, which landed on the number 1 spot of the biggest Turkish mobile game publishers. Its 29 titles have been downloaded more than 1.84b+ times.

Despite Turkey’s many challenges and social unrest, the country has managed to emerge as a leader in hyper-casual mobile gaming. It is estimated that casual and hyper-casual games bring in $20 billion annually, which is about half of the global gaming market.