100% Pass 2023 Latest Salesforce ARC-101: Design and Build Integration Solutions Study Plan

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The Salesforce ARC-101 exam is ideal for anyone who wants to integrate Salesforce with other systems or applications. Whether you are a developer, consultant, or administrator, this exam will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to design and build effective integration solutions. By passing this exam, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to design and implement integration solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the Salesforce platform and its capabilities, which will help you to better serve your clients or organization.

Salesforce ARC-101 is a certification exam that focuses on the design and building of integration solutions. Integration is a key aspect of any business, and Salesforce ARC-101 equips professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop efficient and effective integration solutions. This certification exam is designed for individuals who are interested in developing their career in integration or for those who are already working in the integration field and want to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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2023 Marvelous Salesforce ARC-101: Design and Build Integration Solutions Study Plan

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Salesforce Design and Build Integration Solutions Sample Questions (Q102-Q107):

Northern Trail Outfitters needs to present shipping costs and estimated delivery times to their customers. Shipping services used vary by region, and have similar but distinct service request parameters.
Which integration component capability should be used?

  • A. APEX REST Service to implement routing logic to the various shipping service.
  • B. Enterprise Service Bus to determine which shipping service to use, and transform requests to the necessary format.
  • C. Enterprise Service Bus user interface to collect shipper-specific form data.
  • D. Outbound Messaging to request costs and delivery times from Shipper delivery services with automated error retry.

Answer: B

A company that is a leading provider of training delivers courses to students globally. The company decided to use customer community in order to allow studer to log in to the community, register for courses and pay course fees. The company has a payment gateway that takes more than 30 seconds to process the payn transaction. Students would like to get the payment result in real-time so in case an error happens, the students can retry the payment process.
What is the recommended integration approach to process payments based on this requirement?

  • A. Use continuation to process payment to the payment gateway.
    C Use change data capture to process payment to the payment gateway.
  • B. Use platform event to process payment to the payment gateway.
  • C. Use request and reply to make an API call to the payment gateway.

Answer: A

A company has an external system that processes and tracks orders. Sales reps manage their leads and opportunity pipeline in Salesforce. In the current state, the two systems are disconnected and processing orders requires a lot of manual entry on sales rep part. This creates delays in processing orders and incomplete data due to manual entry.
As a part of modernization efforts the company decided to integrate Salesforce and the order management system. The following technical requirements were identified:
1. Orders need to be created in real time from salesforce
2. Minimal customization*, and code should be written due to a tight timeline and lack of developer resources
3. Sales reps need to be able to see order history and be able to see most up to date information on current order status.
4. Managers need to be able to run reports in Salesforce to see daily and monthly order volumes and fulfillment timelines.
5. The legacy system is hosted on premise and is currently connected to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The ESB is flexible enough to provide any methods and connection types needed by salesforce team.
6. There are 1000 sales reps. Each user processes/creates on average 15 orders per shift. Most of the orders contain 20-30 line items.
How should an integration architect integrate the two systems based on the technical requirements and system constraints?

  • A. Use Salesforce custom object, custom REST API and ETL.
  • B. Use Salesforce standard object, REST API and ETL.
  • C. Use Salesforce big object, SOAP API and Dataloader.
  • D. Use Salesforce external object and OData connector.

Answer: B

An Integration Developer is developing an HR synchronization app for a client. The app synchronizes Salesforce record data changes with an HR system that’s external to Salesforce.
What should the integration architect recommend to ensure notifications are stored for up to three days if data replication fails?

  • A. Change Data Capture
  • B. Callouts
  • C. Generic Events
  • D. Platform Events

Answer: A


A large enterprise customer with the following system landscape is planning to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The following business processes need to be supported in Salesforce:
1. Sales Consultants should be able to have access to current inventory.
2. Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP) is the system of record for pricing information.
3. Quotes should be generated in Salesforce with pricing from ERP.
4. Sales Management uses a Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) tool to view Sales dashboards.
5. Master Data Management (MDM) is the system of record for customers and prospects.
6. Invoices should be accessible in Salesforce.
Which systems in the landscape should the Integration Consultant consider to be integrated with Salesforce to support the business requirements?

  • A. ERP, MDM, Data Warehouse, Invoices system
  • B. ERP, Invoices system, Data Warehouse and BI Tool
  • C. ERP, Inventory, Pricing Engine, Invoices system
  • D. ERP, MDM, BI tool and Data Warehouse

Answer: C


A steadily rising competition has been noted in the tech field. Countless candidates around the globe aspire to be Design and Build Integration Solutions in this field. Once you become Salesforce certified, a whole new scope opens up to you and you are immediately hired by reputed firms. Even though the Design and Build Integration Solutions certification boosts your career options, you have to pass the ARC-101 Exam.

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