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The Pardot-Consultant certification exam covers a wide range of topics, including lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and analytics. Individuals who take the exam must have a thorough understanding of the Pardot platform and its features, including automation rules, custom redirects, automation templates, and more. They must also be familiar with Pardot integrations with Salesforce CRM and other third-party applications.

Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Sample Questions (Q58-Q63):

Select available Webinar Connectors

  • A. GoToWebinar
  • B. Demio
  • C. Webex
  • D. ClickMeeting
  • E. WebinarJam
  • F. ReadyTalk

Answer: A,C,F

LenoxSoft’s IT manager refuses to implement email authentication. The marketing entries so the company can successfully send emails from their Pardot account.
Which two benefits of email authentication should be discussed with the IT manag Choose 2 answers

  • A. Authentication ensures the company’s sending IP will not appear on blocklists.
  • B. Authentication increases deliverability rates of emails sent through Pardot.
  • C. Authentication proves Pardot is a legitimate sender of LenoxSoft’s emails.
  • D. Authentication provides legal protection against email abuse complaints.

Answer: B,D

Wants to make sure the prospects are intending to unsubscribe from all emails and it isn’t a mistake.
What should be implemented?

  • A. Set up a Pardot template for the automated resubscribe feature to have an email sent to allow opted out prospects to opt back in.
  • B. Opting out a prospect is irreversible. A solution to confirm the opt out or opt prospects back in cannot be implemented.
  • C. Create a completion action to assign a task to the Assigned User to make a phone call to ensure the prospect intended to unsubscribe.
  • D. Opt prospects back in only if they have interacted with other marketing content and have a Pardot score greater than 10 using an automation rule.

Answer: A

“The LenoxSoft sales leadership has just implemented queues in Salesforce and wants to make sure their new leads coming from marketing nurtures are allocated fairly.
What should the Pardot administrator do to make sure new leads from nurture programs are properly routed in Salesforce?

  • A. Configure users > set up a custom role > have nurture programs assign prospects to users with the custom role
  • B. Configure users > set up a queue > have nurture programs assign prospects to the queue
  • C. Configure users > set up a user group > have nurture programs assign prospects to the user group
  • D. Configure users > set up a round robin > have nurture programs assign prospects to the round robin

Answer: C

LenoxSoft is moving their forms from an external vendor into Pardot. The forms contain both default and custom fields. They want the forms to be hosted by Pardot for tracking purposes, but want to retain the same look and feel.
Which two actions should be taken to achieve this?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Migrate the HTML and CSS of the current form into a new Pardot layout template.
  • B. Create the existing form links as custom redirects in Pardot for tracking.
  • C. Create the custom fields needed for the forms individually in Pardot.
  • D. Import the list of custom fields used on their forms to create the fields in Pardot.

Answer: A,C



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