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The Education-Cloud-Consultant Exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 105 minutes. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including student lifecycle management, academic program management, student success community management, and Salesforce configuration and customization. Passing the Education-Cloud-Consultant Exam demonstrates that the candidate has a strong understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the education industry and can effectively design and implement solutions to meet those needs using Salesforce Education Cloud.

The Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant certification exam is a valuable credential for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the education industry. This certification demonstrates to employers that the candidate has the skills and knowledge required to design and implement Salesforce Education Cloud solutions that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education institutions. With this certification, professionals can demonstrate their ability to manage complex projects, analyze data, and deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of education institutions. The certification exam is an excellent way for professionals to validate their skills and knowledge and take their careers to the next level.

The Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant certification is a crucial step in becoming a qualified Education Cloud Consultant. This certification exam validates the skills and knowledge required to successfully implement Salesforce Education Cloud solutions. The exam is designed for professionals who work in the education sector, specifically those who manage student information, academic programs, and other educational services.

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Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam (WI21) Sample Questions (Q88-Q93):

A university is experiencing performance degradation issues such as record locking, long search times, and long record save times.
What is the likely cause for all of these issues?

  • A. Insufficient code coverage
  • B. TDTM
  • C. Insufficient data storage
  • D. Data skew

Answer: B

What should a consultant recommend to a university that wants a successful Data Governance committee?

  • A. Create a Center of Excellence queue.
  • B. Set up a Salesforce Adoption Dashboard.
  • C. Refer committee members to Trailhead.
  • D. Use RACI matrix to define member roles.

Answer: A

A consultant is designing a new Salesforce org that user the Education Data Architecture (EDA) for student service. The College wants to track which classes are taught by teaching assistants.
Which EDA object should the consultant use?

  • A. Term Grade
  • B. Program Enrollment
  • C. Course Connection
  • D. Course Offering

Answer: C

A university is experiencing performance degradation issues such as record locking, long search times, and long record save times.
what is the likely cause for all of these issues?

  • A. Insufficient code coverage
  • B. TDTM
  • C. Data skew
  • D. Insufficient data storage

Answer: D

A university has hired a consultant to help it plan the campus’s enterprise roadmap for Salesforce. The CIO wants to use a single. Salesforce org across the university and is interested in learning more about the Education Data Architecture (EDA). The university has two existing Salesforce orgs, one uses Person Accounts, and the other org uses a custom data architecture.
What should the consultant do first lo assess the situation?

  • A. Install EDA into one of the production environments.
  • B. Submit a Salesforce Support case to merge orgs.
  • C. Document solution requirements from the groups involved.
  • D. Create a new Salesforce org using EDA as the foundation.

Answer: C


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