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The ASCP ASCP-MLT certification is recognized by employers and regulatory agencies as a measure of competency in the field of laboratory science. Individuals who pass the exam can use the designation MLT(ASCP) after their name, which signifies that they have met the standards for certification set by the ASCP.

The ASCP-MLT certification exam is a crucial step for individuals who want to work as medical laboratory technicians. It is a globally recognized certification that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and skills in medical laboratory technology. The exam covers a wide range of topics and is designed to test a candidate’s ability to work in a clinical laboratory. Passing the exam is an important achievement for candidates and can open up multiple job opportunities in the field of medical laboratory technology.


Fresh frozen plasma must be thawed at a maximum of 37oC in a water bath or similar equipment that has been validated and is temperature monitored. When using a water bath, the FFP should be wrapped in a plastic liner. After thawing, it is recommended that the FFP be administered immediately, preferably within 2 hours post-thaw.
The BEST way to thaw Fresh Frozen Plasma is to thaw it by:

  • A. refrigerating the FFP on a bottom rack
  • B. leaving it at room temperature away from agitation
  • C. placing the FFP in a 121º C or higher in a steam sterilizer
  • D. placing the FFP in a 37º C or lower in a water bath

Answer: D

If a drug is given at intervals that are the same as its half-life, it will take about 5 half-lives to reach steady state.
If a drug is given at intervals that are the same as its half-life, approximately how long will it take the drug to reach steady state?

  • A. It will never reach a steady state.
  • B. It will take about two half-lives to reach steady state.
  • C. It will be at steady state from the first dose.
  • D. It will take about 5 half-lives to reach steady state.

Answer: D

The colonies seen growing on the bird seed agar appear smooth and have a distinct reddish-brown pigmentation. The active ingredient in bird seed (Guizotia abyssinica) agar is caffeic acid, which is extracted and placed in an agar containing 1% glucose. Of the cryptococci, and other species of yeasts, Cryptococcus neoformans selectively produces the enzyme phenoloxidase, which oxidizes the caffeic acid in the medium to melanin, producing the red-brown pigmentation.
The other yeast species included in this exercise do not possess phenoloxidase activity and therefore remain non-pigmented when grown on bird seed agar.
The colonies shown in this photograph were grown on Guizotia abyssinica (bird seed) agar at 30°C for 72 hours. The most likely identification is:

  • A. Cryptococcus neoformans
  • B. Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • C. Cryptococcus laurentii
  • D. Candida parapsilosis

Answer: A

Cryptococcus neoformans is the MOST likely identification of the encapsulated yeast in this question. C.
neoformans is urease +, and grows brown colonies on birdseed agar. In addition, India ink stain can also be used for Cryptococus spp. identification.
What is the MOST likely identification of an encapsulated yeast in a blood culture bottle from a patient with septicemia with the following additional culture information?:
Failure to produce germ tubes
Urease positive
Produced brown pigment on bird seed agar

  • A. Candida pseudotropicalis
  • B. Cryptococcus neoformans
  • C. Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • D. Candida albicans
  • E. Torulopsis glabrata

Answer: B

The best course of action when entering an isolation room is:

  • A. wearing only a mask
  • B. following the directions from the sign on the door
  • C. wearing a gown, a mask, and gloves
  • D. wearing only a gown

Answer: B


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