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Die AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional Zertifizierung hat einen hohen Stellenwert in der Branche und wird als Zeichen für Expertise in AWS-Architektur und -Design anerkannt. Diese Zertifizierung wird von Arbeitgebern weitgehend anerkannt und kann neue Karrieremöglichkeiten eröffnen, einschließlich hoch bezahlter Positionen wie AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect und Cloud Infrastructure Engineer.

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen (Q21-Q26):

21. Frage
A company had a tight deadline to migrate its on-premises environment to AWS. It moved over Microsoft SQL Servers and Microsoft Windows Servers using the virtual machine import/export service and rebuild other applications native to the cloud. The team created both Amazon EC2 databases and used Amazon RDS.
Each team in the company was responsible for migrating their applications, and they have created individual accounts for isolation of resources. The company did not have much time to consider costs, but now it would like suggestions on reducing its AWS spend.
Which steps should a Solutions Architect take to reduce costs?

  • A. Create an AWS Lambda function that changes the instance size based on Amazon CloudWatch alarms.
    Reserve instances based on AWS Simple Monthly Calculator suggestions. Have an AWS Well-Architected framework review and apply recommendations. Create a master account under Organizations and have teams join for consolidated billing.
  • B. Enable Cost Explorer and AWS Business Support Reserve Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB instances. Use Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Trusted Advisor for monitoring and to receive cost-savings suggestions. Create a master account under Organizations and have teams join for consolidated billing.
  • C. Enable AWS Business Support and review AWS Trusted Advisor’s cost checks. Create Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups for applications that experience fluctuating demand. Save AWS Simple Monthly Calculator reports in Amazon S3 for trend analysis. Create a master account under Organizations and have teams join for consolidating billing.
  • D. Create a budget and monitor for costs exceeding the budget. Create Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups for applications that experience fluctuating demand. Create an AWS Lambda function that changes instance sizes based on Amazon CloudWatch alarms. Have each team upload their bill to an Amazon S3 bucket for analysis of team spending. Use Spot instances on nightly batch processing jobs.

Antwort: C

22. Frage
A solutions architect has deployed a web application that serves users across two AWS Regions under a custom domain The application uses Amazon Route 53 latency-based routing The solutions architect has associated weighted record sets with a pair of web servers in separate Availability Zones for each Region The solutions architect runs a disaster recovery scenario When all the web servers in one Region are stopped Route 53 does not automatically redirect users to the other Region Which of the following are possible root causes of this issue? (Select TWO.)

  • A. The setting to evaluate target health is not turned on for the latency alias resource record set that is associated with the domain in the Region where the web servers were stopped
  • B. The weight for the Region where the web servers were stopped is higher than the weight for the other Region
  • C. An HTTP health check has not been set up for one or more of the weighted resource record sets associated with the stopped web servers
  • D. One of the web servers in the secondary Region did not pass its HTTP health check
  • E. Latency resource record sets cannot be used in combination with weighted resource record sets

Antwort: A,C

23. Frage
A company has an application that sells tickets online and experiences bursts of demand every 7 days. The application has a stateless presentation layer running on Amazon EC2. an Oracle database to store unstructured data catalog information, and a backend API layer. The front-end layer uses an Elastic Load Balancer to distribute the load across nine On-Demand Instances over three Availability Zones (AZs). The Oracle database is running on a single EC2 instance. The company is experiencing performance issues when running more than two concurrent campaigns. A solutions architect must design a solution that meets the following requirements:
* Address scalability issues.
* Increase the level of concurrency.
* Eliminate licensing costs.
* Improve reliability.
Which set of steps should the solutions architect take?

  • A. Convert the On-Demand Instances into Spot Instances to reduce costs for the front end. Convert the tables in the Oracle database into Amazon DynamoDB tables.
  • B. Create an Auto Scaling group for the front end with a combination of On-Demand and Spot Instances to reduce costs. Convert the tables in the Oracle database into Amazon DynamoDB tables.
  • C. Create an Auto Scaling group for the front end with a combination of On-Demand and Spot Instances to reduce costs. Create two additional copies of the database instance, then distribute the databases in separate AZs.
  • D. Create an Auto Scaling group for the front end with a combination of On-Demand and Spot Instances to reduce costs. Convert the Oracle database into a single Amazon RDS reserved DB instance.

Antwort: B

24. Frage
An organization has developed an application which provides a smarter shopping experience. They need to show a demonstration to various stakeholders who may not be able to access the in premise application so they decide to host a demo version of the application on AWS.
Consequently, they will need a fixed elastic IP attached automatically to the instance when it is launched.
In this scenario which of the below mentioned options will not help assign the elastic IP automatically?

  • A. Write a script which will fetch the instance metadata on system boot and assign the public IP using that metadata.
  • B. Provide an elastic IP in the user data and setup a bootstrapping script which will fetch that elastic IP and assign it to the instance.
  • C. Create a controlling application which launches the instance and assigns the elastic IP based on the parameter provided when that instance is booted.
  • D. Launch instance with VPC and assign an elastic IP to the primary network interface.

Antwort: A

EC2 allows the user to launch On-Demand instances. If the organization is using an application temporarily only for demo purposes the best way to assign an elastic IP would be:
Launch an instance with a VPC and assign an EIP to the primary network interface. This way on every instance start it will have the same IP Create a bootstrapping script and provide it some metadata, such as user data which can be used to assign an EIP Create a controller instance which can schedule the start and stop of the instance and provide an EIP as a parameter so that the controller instance can check the instance boot and assign an EIP The instance metadata gives the current instance data, such as the public/private IP. It can be of no use for assigning an EIP.

25. Frage
A company has its cloud infrastructure on AWS A solutions architect needs to define the infrastructure as code. The infrastructure is currently deployed in one AWS Region. The company’s business expansion plan includes deployments in multiple Regions across multiple AWS accounts What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Use AWS Organizations and AWS CloudFormation StackSets Deploy a CloudFormation template from an account that has the necessary IAM permissions
  • B. Use AWS CloudFormation templates Add IAM policies to control the various accounts Deploy the templates across the multiple Regions
  • C. Use nested stacks with AWS CloudFormation templates Change the Region by using nested stacks
  • D. Use AWS Organizations Deploy AWS CloudFormation templates from the management account Use AWS Control Tower to manage deployments across accounts

Antwort: A

Explanation AWS Organizations allows the management of multiple AWS accounts as a single entity and AWS CloudFormation StackSets allows creating, updating, and deleting stacks across multiple accounts and regions in an organization. This solution allows creating a single CloudFormation template that can be deployed across multiple accounts and regions, and also allows for the management of access and permissions for the different accounts through the use of IAM roles and policies in the management account.

26. Frage

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