The most popular level in coc bases is Best th9 farming base. This level is both challenging and very entertaining. When you are at the beginning stage of your upgrade to level th9 there should be a priority upgrading list. It will be difficult to survive at this level if you don’t have a priority upgrading list.

Upgrade elixir or dark elixir after upgrading to the best th9 war base, the new hero. The builder must be able to upgrade the lab immediately in order to construct town hall 9. After you have upgraded your lab, you can upgrade the troop or army camp. The most important priorities in town hall 9 clashing of clans are the barbarian king and archer queen. It is important to have the best strategies for th9 farming.

This guide will highlight some amazing farming bases built with protection strategies. The key idea behind clash of clans is to create the best th9 bases designs possible so you can both destroy your opponent’s bases and protect your own base.

Best TH9 Farming Basis 2023

There are many types of coc bases, including hybrid, farming, war, and trophy bases. We will be discussing the top th9 farming base layouts that use some innovative strategies. The layout of a farming base is where gold and resources are most important. This means that your base must be design in a way that protects your clan from loot.

The clan usually keeps the resource towers in the middle or within the clan to protect them. You can make your farming base more secure by dividing it into various sections and compartments. Having more sections and compartments makes it difficult for opponents to locate the location of the town hall and resource tower.

Best Town Hall 9 Farming Base

To build the most productive th9 farming base, you should divide them into smaller sections and then use the hard wall to protect them. The base’s central location is the town hall, which includes a clan tower and important resource towers. The central area is surround by small sections, which are fill with best defense buildings, army towers, and resource towers. Near the town hall are also located the th9 archer queen and barbarian monarch altars. For extra protection, the outer layer of the clan includes mortar, army camps and small bombs.

Th9 Farming Base without Xbows

It is also rectangular, making it one of the most popular th9 farming bases. It is made up of several square-shape sections. One compartment houses the archer queen altar. One compartment houses the clan castle and some defense buildings. The clan can also protect the resource buildings by placing them in this area. The clan’s outer layer is made up of mortar, cannon and army camps as well as other defense buildings.

Farming Base Town Hall 9 Copy link

The Town Hall 9 war base, with a clan castle at the center and surrounded by hard walls, is my favourite. There are small bombs on the outside of the hard wall. The base is dott with heavy defense buildings and army towers, which are equally distribute throughout the clan. These defense buildings offer extra protection for the village and prevent the enemies from entering the clan. This is the best farming base design. It has layers that contain defense buildings and resource towers. For the protection of the clan, one layer of heavy defense army is add outside the clan.

Th9 Farming Base Dark Elixir

We have displayed some eye-catching and innovative farming base designs. This shape is popular with players who love to build their best farming bases. The choice and location of buildings is what makes your clan stand out. The town hall is located in this base. It is protect by the clan castle and cannon. The central compartment also houses the archer queen altar and the 9 barbarian king alt. The clan’s resource buildings are secure and placed in a tactful manner throughout the clan. One outer layer contains cannons, mortar, air defense, archery, army camps and some of the most powerful defense towers.

Layout for Th9 Farming Loot Protect Base Layout

This layer-shape farming base can be use if you don’t want your clan divid into small squares. To protect the clan from loot, the resource buildings are kept within the clan. The defense buildings and army towers are kept outside the clan to prevent an opponent from entering your top th9 farming base. The town hall is contain in one layer, with the archer queen altar as well as barbarian king altar. This layer is also surround by two hard walls.