Kids love to play with toys and you can have hours of fun picking out the best toy for your kids. We have researched the top toys for kids and found some of our favorites. Find out more about the toys that we recommend for ages 3-years and up.


If you are looking for the best toys for kids, we have a few recommendations. From a science-themed game to a robot buddy, here are some ideas that will have your child bouncing with joy. These are perfect for children of all ages.

The K’NEX educational set is a great way for boys to explore basic engineering and technology skills. The set includes all the pieces needed to build a ride. In addition, it has a battery-operated motor.

Yphone is a fun robot buddy for boys. This toy features 60 different challenges that you can program using the free app. You can program it to do bidding, follow a track or even follow a maze.

Whether you are planning a family game night or are looking for a way to keep your little one busy while traveling, the Talkabout radio will be a hit. It has an award-winning game and is easy to pack into a suitcase.

Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Adventure Pack

The Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Adventure Pack is a fun and educational way to occupy the little one. There are three main components in this set: a playset, a pack of binoculars and a nifty trinket in the form of a dog tag. In addition to the requisite safety features, this set also includes a nifty fold out mission map and a hefty dose of silliness. This is the kinks worthy, as your little explorer will be entertained for hours on end.

Probably the most impressive feat of this set is the inclusion of a triumvirate of Paw Patrol: the most important being the aforementioned Chase, followed by a duo of sexy pups in the form of Rusty and Thunder. These pups are a bit less pampered than the more traditional members of the pack, and it’s easy to see why.

CENOVE Flower Garden Building Toy

The CENOVE Flower Garden Building Toy is a great way to get your children to learn about the natural world. It will also enhance their fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity. If your kids are ready to take the plunge, they can build a beautiful garden complete with a flower tower and ball pit.

The 130-piece kit is packaged in a handy bucket, so your child can build his or her own miniature world. Each piece is made of BPA-free plastic and recycled plastic milk jugs. Your child can enjoy the fruits of his or her labor indoors or out.

In addition to the garden, this toy set includes a mini ball pit and basketball hoop, two tunnels, a suspension bridge, and a handful of other funky shaped pieces. You can even add to the playset by purchasing additional sets.

ittle Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

Buying toys for kids can be a challenge, but it can also be fun! Getting the right toy for your child is crucial for safety and learning. Below are some of our favorite picks for hours of fun and education.

Little Tikes makes some of our favorite toddler toys. Their basketball hoop is a great challenge for young children, and can be adjusted to fit your child’s height.

The hover soccer set introduces young children to a new world of sports. It is easy to move the “ball” around the room and helps kids develop their aiming and foot coordination skills.

Wonder Workshop robotics teaches programming, which allows the toys to follow a track or maze, or even race around a track. This is a great toy for helping children develop important skills, such as hand-eye coordination and perseverance.