Flap Procedure
The flap treatment rebuilds your breast using your tissue, often taken from your tummy. This method of breast reconstruction is more intricate and specialized. Still, it produces a breast that feels and looks more natural and is durable.
You can get breast reconstruction soon after surgery or up to a few years afterwards.
Most women can choose to have breast reconstruction right away after breast cancer surgery. But you have the option to put off rebuilding.
The ability to conduct a nipple-sparing mastectomy, which allows us to preserve your natural breast skin and nipple, is one of the critical benefits of having reconstruction done right away, according to Dr Ellsworth. Your breasts will seem more natural after reconstruction as a result of this.
Dr Ellsworth still has good news whether you put off your reconstruction or maybe you were never given a choice as part of your therapy.

Breast reconstruction can be considered at any time, according to Dr Ellsworth. The outcomes of choosing an immediate breast reconstruction are more aesthetically pleasing. Still, a lady can always change her mind and choose to have an implant or flap treatment instead.
If radiation is required following breast cancer surgery, you still have alternatives.
A woman may get radiation as part of her post-surgery breast cancer treatment. Still, this radiation might harm an implant or the tissue you used to reconstruct your breast.
But even if you require this kind of therapy, you are still free to choose immediate breast reconstruction to guarantee that your breasts will seem more natural when your cancer treatment is complete. “We can still do a mastectomy while sparing your skin and, in certain cases, your nipple for ladies who might require postoperative radiotherapy. But instead of finishing your reconstruction right away, we utilize a device known as a tissue expander to keep your breast in the right position until we can finish it after your radiation treatment.” And this is simply one manner in which our breast reconstruction professionals give more alternatives to more women than ever before.