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The CDCS certification program focuses on developing the knowledge and skills required for effective data centre management. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including data centre design, operations, security, and disaster recovery. It is designed to ensure that candidates have a comprehensive understanding of the complex systems and processes involved in managing a data centre.

GAQM Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Sample Questions (Q20-Q25):

Which mounted system can use any of the five heat removal methodologies?

  • A. Air Mounted System
  • B. Ceiling Mounted System
  • C. Floor Mounted System
  • D. Chilled Mounted System

Answer: B

If a waveform period is determined to be 10 microseconds in duration, what is the frequency of the signal?

  • A. 1000 Hz
  • B. 10 kHz
  • C. 100 kHz
  • D. 100 Hz

Answer: C

Frequency is the inverse of period, so to calculate the frequency of a signal with a period of 10 microseconds, you would divide 1 by the period, which is equal to 100 kHz.

AC is more easily distributed than DC. This is because:

  • A. AC can be transformed from a low voltage to a high voltage and back again with a transformer. DC cannot.
  • B. Wires have less resistance if they are carrying AC
  • C. DC needs wires to be totally insulated, while AC wires can be bare, hung from insulator on pylons.
  • D. AC can be transmitted using lighter wires.

Answer: A

AC can be transformed from a low voltage to a high voltage and back again with a transformer, while DC cannot. This makes it easier to distribute AC electricity over long distances and is why it is used more widely than DC electricity. A and B are also true, as wires carrying AC can be bare and don’t need to be totally insulated. Wires have less resistance when carrying AC electricity, which is why it is more efficient than DC.

___________ measures the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit during a specific time interval.

  • A. Ampere
  • B. Volts
  • C. Watts
  • D. Ohm

Answer: A

An ampere (A) is the unit of measurement for electric current. It measures the amount of electrical current flowing through a circuit during a specific time interval. The ampere is named after Andre-Marie Ampere, a French mathematician and physicist who was one of the main discoverers of electromagnetism.
Ohm () is the unit of measurement for electric resistance, which is the opposition to the flow of an electric current through a circuit.
Volt (V) is the unit of measurement for electric potential difference, which is the energy required per unit charge to move a test charge between two places in a static electric field.
Watt (W) is the unit of measurement for power, which is the rate at which energy is used or generated in an electrical circuit.
* “Current” (
* “Electric current” (
* “Units of Measurement”

__________ represents the maximum power cable of being drawn by the equipment.

  • A. VA rating
  • B. Grade rating
  • C. Power rating
  • D. Star rating

Answer: C

Power rating represents the maximum power that can be drawn by the equipment. It is usually measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) and represents the maximum amount of power that the equipment can consume without causing damage to the device or the power source.
VA rating (Volt-Ampere rating) is a measure of the apparent power in a circuit, which is the product of the voltage and current in the circuit. It is often used to describe the power handling capability of electronic devices and equipment.
Star rating is a rating system used to indicate the energy efficiency of electrical devices and equipment. The rating ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars indicating the most energy-efficient device.
Grade rating is a rating system used to indicate the quality of electrical devices and equipment. It is used in different industry and can indicate the quality of electronic component and material used in equipment.


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