What Are Some Frequently Used Countertop Materials?

A countertop is one of the most essential attributes of any kitchen, It is a raised, firm, flat, and horizontal surface used for preparing different foods. Its surface is usually supported by cabinets and positioned at an ergonomic height for the user to perform different chores on it.

Countertops are formulated with the aid of different materials in the shape of marble, granite, and Corian. All of these provide their own individual set of benefits that you can reap. We will talk about them in detail in this article!

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Marble Countertops

The subtle sheen of marble is enough to turn the heads of so many out there. It is believed that the aesthetics of this amazing countertop material cannot be duplicated by any other countertop material out there. Let’s understand why marble has become the favorite choice of so many out there:

  • Durability

The number one reason so many homeowners invest in marble is that it can last for several years without bothering them. Being a natural stone, it is more resistant to scratching, cracking, and breaking than many other countertop materials. That means you don’t have to worry about expending money on its repair process every now and then.

  • Heat resistant

Ever wonder why so many professional chefs and home bakers prefer marble countertops over their traditional counterparts? This is because it stays cool and always maintains a temperature below room temperature. As a result, an ideal working surface for bakers is created for preparing chocolates, dough, pastries, and even ice cream. However, this doesn’t only herald that marble is only suited for bakeries or old-fashioned pizza shops. Its ample benefits can also be reaped by amateur chefs and bakers who bake on natural marble countertops.

  • Can be readily cut into the desired shape

All thanks to the extra softness of marble, this makes it possible to produce a large variety of edge profiles in the shapes of straight bullnose, demi bullnose, and bevel. What’s more, marble can also be cut with the aid of an elegant cove bullnose, stair thread, or waterfall edge. It is imperative to highlight here that premium edge cut is the most popular design with three cascading convex arches meant to add texture and interest to a countertop. While these fancy edges are up for grabs at a premium, the cost gets significantly dwindled when you procure them in marble over granite.

  • Timeless elegance

Marble is known for its versatility, which means it is available in a plethora of colors and designs. And irrespective of the model you choose, it is likely to complement your existing décor pretty easily.

One of the famous types of marble is known by the moniker White Carrara, which made headlines in ancient Rome and was used by sculptors like Michelangelo. So it can be concluded that marble will turn out to be the safest bet for your scullery, no matter which color or design you choose.

  • Longevity

For a long time, marble has been employed as a building material because it can stand the test of time. The monuments that were made centuries ago are still standing tall. This just speaks about the longevity of this amazing material.

Granite Countertops

  • Lasts for a good time

Another material that is hailed for its amazing durability is granite. After all, you won’t like to renovate your kitchen every now and then. It is a one-time investment, and with our busy schedules, it is simply not possible to go for frequent overhauls. To save you from such troubles, granite has you covered. It is one of the toughest materials out there that is also resistant to chipping or scratching. Plus, granite can also be sealed, further increasing its durability.

  • Keep your countertops clean

Another astounding benefit of granite is that it is resistant to bacteria and dirt. That means its surface can be easily cleaned with the aid of a simple cleanser.

Additionally, sealing granite is possible making it non-porous. As a result, nothing will be able to soak into it to leave behind a stain.

  • Increases the value of your home

If you intend to increase the value of your home, there might be plenty of ways available. But the simplest way to do so is by installing a granite countertop. While the material may not directly increase the monetary value of your property, it carries the potential to augment its appeal.

  • The overhauling process is easy

As stated before, granite is very hard and thus won’t scratch or chip easily. But in the event that something of this sort somehow happens, the repair process is quite simple. If there is a small chip, it can be repaired by using putty in a matching color that will harden with time. Further, the surface can be sealed to safeguard the counter so that nothing penetrates through it.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that you must exercise caution when working on granite countertops. Simply assuming that the hardness of granite empowers you to use it the way you want is an approach you must refrain from. Try to embrace all the guidelines to ensure the longevity of the material.

  • Uniqueness

If you are scouting for unique countertop materials, granite is the ideal option to invest in. No two slabs of granite will turn out to be exactly the same. You can go with a color or pattern of your choice, but you will still receive completely quirky countertops that no one else would have already procured.

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Corian Countertops

While Corian might not be as popular as its other counterparts, the material has of late remained in the headlines for the number of benefits it offers. Keep reading to get acquainted!

  • Extremely durable

Alongside marble and granite, Corian is another material that is lauded for its superb durability. That means you won’t have to keep separate money for its regular maintenance every now and then.

  • Stain, heat, and light resistant

If you are under the misconception that the color of a Corian countertop will fade away by simply exposing the material to heat or sunlight, it is a fallacy. The material is designed to maintain its consistency for a very long time.

Additionally, Corian is not vulnerable to stains, and its surface can be cleaned with simple water or a mild cleanser. However, direct heat and sharp objects should still be avoided when working with this material.

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Final words

There you have it! We spoke about the three frequently employed countertop materials: marble, granite, and corian. Choosing one over the other is your personal choice. But for quality kitchen marble granite or Corian countertops, look no further than the label Stone Depot.