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The IAAP CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies) certification exam is a globally recognized certification program that validates an individual’s expertise in accessibility. The exam is designed to test the core competencies required for an individual to be an effective accessibility professional. The certification program is managed by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusion.

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IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies Sample Questions (Q37-Q42):

An employee who is blind and has been successfully performing computer-based work (i.e., word processing and email correspondence) for several years, has recently developed carpal tunnel syndrome. What would be the MOST appropriate solution for maintaining optimal job performance?

  • A. Adding voice-recognition software
  • B. Reassignment to a different role
  • C. Introducing screen-reader software
  • D. Eliminating keyboard entry tasks from the job duties

Answer: A

The purpose of the Universal Design for Learning curriculum is to help students master

  • A. a particular body of knowledge.
  • B. learning itself.
  • C. a uniform curricula.
  • D. specific sets of skills.

Answer: B

Using directional signs in an airport that accommodate a wide range of literacy and language skills is an example of which principle of Universal Design 2.0?

  • A. Principle Five: Tolerance for Error
  • B. Principle Three: Simple and Intuitive Use
  • C. Principle Six: Low Physical Effort
  • D. Principle Two: Flexibility of Use

Answer: D

A person with which condition benefits MOST from these input methods and tools:
Braille keyboard
Speech recognition
Standard keyboard

  • A. Autism
  • B. Blindness
  • C. Deafness
  • D. Photosensitive epilepsy

Answer: B

Which example BEST illustrates how accessibility solutions can be incorporated into user experience design?

  • A. Designing a web site for people who use assistive technology
  • B. Attaching an accessibility statement to a web site
  • C. Adding accessibility to a web site when a user asks for accommodation or adjustment
  • D. Redirecting the user to another accessible site

Answer: A


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