To generate more clients for your criminal defense law firm website, you need to develop an effective criminal lawyer marketing plan.

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Criminal lawyering is the practice of defending clients accused of crimes or holding those who have committed them accountable. This job necessitates going to court, researching the law and communicating with their clients regarding their next court appearance.

Criminal charges can have a life-altering impact on you and those close to you, so it’s essential that you find an attorney who will fight for you and minimize any negative repercussions. They will also assist in comprehending the charges brought against you, potential penalties and what outcomes await if found guilty.

Penalties for criminal crimes vary between states and can include fines, jail time and probation. Certain offenses – like violent ones – carry more severe punishments than others.

Alternatives to Incarceration

In the United States, many of us have heard the term “alternative sentencing.” This refers to various sentences that judges and prosecutors can impose that do not involve actual imprisonment. Such alternatives include probation, community service, fines, restitution, house arrest and more.

Some of these alternative sentences are designed to help nonviolent offenders and first-time offenders avoid incarceration. Not only are these alternatives cost-effective, but they can reduce recidivism rates as well as help prevent prison and jail overcrowding.

Furthermore, some of these alternatives can be combined together, such as probation plus community service hours or restitution payments. Furthermore, alternative sentencing options can help defendants who are mentally ill or addicted to drugs avoid incarceration.

Past Convictions

Trials often feature evidence of prior convictions against defendants to cast doubt upon their credibility. Unfortunately, judges often view such information as prejudicial and may refuse to admit it into evidence.

A fact-finder (a judge or jury) must ultimately decide how much faith to put in a witness’ testimony. In order to do this, courts allow certain types of prior convictions into evidence which can assist the fact-finder when it comes to verifying whether or not the defendant is telling the truth.

In certain instances, a past conviction can be used to explain why someone committed the crime they are now accused of. For instance, if someone is charged with robbery but previously had a conviction for grand larceny, the prosecution may use this conviction as justification for why they committed the new offense.


Criminal lawyering requires an intimate knowledge of crime statistics. These can provide your firm with ample material for blog posts and other types of digital content.

To effectively market your practice, it’s essential to identify relevant statistics that will be of value to potential clients and your field of expertise. For instance, if you specialize in DWI cases, creating a blog post about the most frequent DUI offenses might be beneficial.

Write about high profile cases and arrests that are trending in your local news. Doing so can attract potential clients who are searching for information regarding criminal cases in the area.

Your primary marketing objective should be to attract new leads and turn them into paying clients. This depends on your capacity for taking on new cases, the type of legal services you offer, and the competitive nature of your market. Before beginning any online or traditional advertising campaigns, clearly define your marketing objectives.