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Understanding functional and technical aspects of CWNA® – Certified Wireless Network Administrator Business Principles and Practices

The following will be discussed in CWNP CWNA-108 exam dumps:

  • Demonstrate awareness of common proprietary features in wireless networks
  • Capacity planning for high and very high-density environments
  • Connecting to 802.1X/EAP and Pre-Shared Key authentication networks
  • Time synchronization protocols (e.g. NTP, SNTP)
  • Management
  • Identify and explain the MAC frame format
  • Roaming
  • Distribution System (DS)
  • CTS-to-Self
  • Design considerations for supporting legacy 802.11 devices
  • Describe design considerations for common deployment scenarios in wireless such as coverage requirements, roaming considerations, throughput, capacity and security
  • Design considerations for highly mobile devices (e.g. tablets and smartphones)
  • Hidden node
  • Band steering
  • Explain the process used to locate and connect to a WLAN
  • Power save modes and frame buffering
  • Control
  • Determine and configure required network services supporting the wireless network
  • Describe features of, select, and install WLAN devices, control, and management systems
  • Define terminology related to the 802.11 MAC and PHY
  • Physical carrier sense and virtual carrier sense
  • DCF
  • BSS selection
  • Design considerations for video
  • Wired network capacity requirements
  • Authentication
  • AirTime Fairness
  • A-MSDU and A-MPDU
  • Wireless network management systems
  • Design considerations for voice
  • Describe the components and functions that make up an 802.11 wireless service set
  • Connecting to hidden SSIDs
  • Design considerations for location services including Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • MAC frame format
  • VLANs for segmentation
  • NAV
  • Identify and explain the purpose of the three main 802.11 frame types
  • Basic Service Set (BSS) (Infrastructure mode)
  • WLAN controllers
  • Explain 802.11 MAC operations
  • Open System Authentication and Shared Key authentication
  • Data
  • Extended Service Set (ESS)
  • Dynamic power and channel management features
  • Design considerations for data
  • Access Control Lists for segmentation
  • Explain 802.11 channel access methods
  • Access Points (APs)
  • IBSS (Ad-Hoc)
  • Design considerations for guest access/BYOD

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The CWNP CWNA-108 (CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator) certification exam is designed for IT professionals who want to specialize in wireless network administration. This certification validates the skills and knowledge required to design, install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot wireless networks. The CWNA-108 exam covers a range of topics such as wireless network architecture, RF technologies, WLAN security, network management, and troubleshooting.

CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator Exam Sample Questions (Q32-Q37):

You have been tasked with creating a wireless link between two buildings on a single campus.
The link must support at least 150 Mbps data rates.
What kind of WLAN technology role should you deploy?

  • A. IBSS
  • B. Wireless bridging
  • C. Access BSS
  • D. WPAN

Answer: A

You are tasked with performing a throughput test on the WLAN. The manager asks that you use open source tools to reduce costs. What open source tool is designed to perform a throughput test?

  • A. IxChariot
  • B. iPerf
  • C. Python
  • D. PuTTy

Answer: B

What statement about the beamwidth of an RF antenna is true?

  • A. Horizontal and vertical beamwidth are calculated at the points where the main lobe decreases power by 3 dB.
  • B. When antenna gain is lower, the beamwidth is also lower in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.
  • C. The beamwidth patterns on an antenna polar chart indicate the point at which the RF signal stops propagating.
  • D. Vertical beamwidth is displayed (in degrees) on the antenna’s Azimuth chart.

Answer: A

You are being interviewed by ABC Company for employment as a wireless site survey expert.
The interviewing manager asks you what items should be included in a site survey report generated as part of a manual site survey process.
What answer would be accurate?

  • A. Documentation noting how each WLAN user group will authenticate to the network
  • B. RF heat map illustrating coverage and signal quality for each frequency band
  • C. Itemized list of equipment, licenses, and support contracts required for the facility
  • D. Documentation proving proper entry of wall material types into the site survey software

Answer: B

What phrase defines Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP)?

  • A. The highest RF signal strength that is transmitted from a given antenna
  • B. The power output from the radio after cable losses
  • C. The power output from the radio into the RF cable
  • D. Power supplied from the transmission line to the antenna input

Answer: A


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