Why You Should Get Your Teeth Whitened Professionally?

Smiling is a great way to open yourself up to new people and make them feel at ease in your presence. Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic procedure performed by The Dental Express Point Loma since a bright smile is crucial.

The smile brighter teeth whitening method you select has an impact on how white your teeth will be. At the Dental Express Point Loma, there are at least ten compelling reasons to have your teeth whitened by a trained professional.

Increase Your Self-Esteem

To increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, the majority of people who get teeth whitening claim they do it because they want to have an attractive smile. You can’t deny how important your teeth’s color is to how you connect with others.

In a job interview or a date, you can make a better first impression with the level of whitening achieved by expert treatment.

Look Years Younger

As the pulp in the center of your teeth darkens, your teeth become darker over time. Red wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco products are the leading causes of teeth discoloration.

In addition, acidic foods and beverages, such as carbonated beverages, make it easier for pigments to penetrate the enamel of your teeth.

Get Better Outcomes In An Hour

Professional in-office whitening yields superior outcomes than over-the-counter methods when it comes to teeth lightening. Concentration is higher in this product than in conventional whitening products. As a result, your teeth will be eight colors lighter in just one hour.

When compared to professional treatments, at-home treatments can take several weeks or even months to lighten your teeth by one to two shades.

Become More Attractive (smile brighter teeth whitening)

You’ll notice a difference in how people see you right away if you have whiter teeth. According to research, people who have whiter teeth are thought to be more approachable, personable, and clever. There is no substitute for professional teeth whitening in order to get the greatest results.

Finish Off Recently Straightened Teeth

You’re excited to see your new smile when you get your braces off. A year or two into wearing braces, you finally get to view your new smile for the first time, only to discover a notable difference in color where braces interfered with tooth cleaning. Smile brighter teeth whitening is the best way to complete your new smile and improve your emotions.

For Special Occasions, Add The WOW Factor

Prior to a big event, many of my patients come into my office to get their teeth whitening done. Even if you’re preparing to walk down the aisle at your wedding or attend a class reunion, you’ll want to show off your pearly whites in a family portrait.

Better Oral Health

In order to ensure that smile brighter teeth whitening is safe and effective, you must first undergo a comprehensive dental exam at your dentist’s office before having your teeth whitened. Is whitening safe when?

There are times when the whitening gel has easy access to the fragile nerves inside your teeth because of dental concerns like a minor crack or cavity.

I’ll be able to tell you if teeth whitening is a good idea for you as well. There are some teeth for which whitening does not work. Whitening your teeth at home could cost you a lot of money and leave you with teeth that aren’t the same shade as your dental work.

Prevent Gum Irritation

A one-size-fits-all teeth whitening product in your local store can’t possibly fit everyone because each person’s mouth and teeth are unique.

When you come in for teeth whitening, I shield your gums, cheeks, and tongue from the whitening agent’s harmful effects. Your lips and soft tissues within your mouth will be protected from hydrogen peroxide if I apply a buffer gel to your gums and employ dental equipment like the bite block and cheek retractor.

Customize Your Whitening Treatment

It may appear simple to use commercial teeth whitening treatments, but not all teeth receive the same quantity of whitening agents for the same amount of time. What shade do you want, it will begin by comparing your current color to that shade.

Avoid Sensitivity In Your Teeth

There are several beneficial elements in the professional whitening treatment I use. In order to remove stains from the enamel, teeth whitening may produce a temporary discomfort. After the whitening process, I’ll use a gel to soothe any remaining irritation.