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New NCP-MCI-6.5 Dumps Book – Valid Test NCP-MCI-6.5 Fee

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Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) v6.5 exam Sample Questions (Q32-Q37):

Refer to Exhibit:

An administrator is trying to create a custom alert policy for all VMs.
Why is the Alert warning if field greyed cut?

  • A. The Enable Policy option checked.
  • B. The Behavioral Anomaly threshold is set.
  • C. The Alert critical if threshold is set.
  • D. The Auto resolve alerts option is checked.

Answer: B

when you create a custom alert policy, you can choose between two types of thresholds: Static Threshold and Behavioral Anomaly. Static Threshold allows you to set a fixed value for the metric that triggers the alert. Behavioral Anomaly allows you to use machine learning to detect abnormal behavior based on historical data.
If you select Behavioral Anomaly as the threshold type, you cannot set a warning level for the alert. You can only set a critical level that indicates how much deviation from normal behavior is considered an anomaly3. Therefore, the Alert warning if field is greyed out when you select Behavioral Anomaly.

Where are Leap Availability Zones configured?

  • A. Cloud Connect
  • B. Prism Element
  • C. Controller VM
  • D. Prism Central

Answer: D

Availability Zone – it is represented by all resources (Nutanix Clusters) connected to Prism Central or Xi Leap Availability zone. Depends on the architecture, Availability zone can represent geographic territory, datacenter or server room in the datacenter. Protection policies – in protection policies you set up (RPO, Retention), rules to auto-apply policies to virtual machines

An administrator logs into the Nutanix Support Portal and notices there is a new version of the LCM Framework available. In an effort ensure LCM is providing the latest features, the administrator would like to upgrade LCM.
How can the LCM Framework be upgraded?

  • A. Upload the latest LCM Framework bundle via Upgrade Software in Prism
  • B. Perform an LCM inventory
  • C. Upload the latest LCM Framework as an image in the image Configuration in Prism
  • D. Upgrade AOS

Answer: B

A cluster has RF2. The cluster loses two drives on different nodes in the same storage tier.
What is the effect on the replicas of the VMs?

  • A. No VMs lose data because of RF2
  • B. Some VMs may reboot and gain access to data
  • C. No VMs lose data if the node has two or more SSDs
  • D. Some VM data may be lost

Answer: D

On a Nutanix cluster, what does Network Segmentation refer to?

  • A. Physically separating management traffic from guest VM traffic.
  • B. Isolating intra-cluster traffic from guest VM traffic.
  • C. A distributed firewall for security VM to VM traffic.
  • D. Isolating management traffic from storage replication traffic.

Answer: D


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