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The exam consists of multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions that cover a wide range of topics, including AWS core services, security, database and storage, development and deployment, and troubleshooting. The exam is designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and skills in developing and deploying cloud-based applications on the AWS platform.

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The Amazon DVA-C02 exam covers a range of topics related to AWS services, including AWS Compute, AWS Storage, AWS Databases, AWS Security, AWS Management Tools, and AWS Application Integration. The exam is designed to test an individual’s knowledge and understanding of these services, as well as their ability to design and implement solutions that are secure, scalable, and highly available. The exam is also designed to test an individual’s ability to troubleshoot and optimize applications on AWS, as well as their ability to use AWS services and tools to automate and streamline deployment and management processes. For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing or who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in AWS, the Amazon DVA-C02 exam is an excellent option to consider.

To be eligible for the Amazon DVA-C02 exam, candidates must have at least one year of experience in developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. They should have a good understanding of AWS core services and be proficient in at least one programming language such as Java, Python, or Ruby. Candidates should also have experience working with AWS SDKs and APIs, and be familiar with AWS CLI and CloudFormation.

Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):

A company wants to share information with a third party. The third party has an HTTP API endpoint that the company can use to share the information. The company has the required API key to access the HTTP API.
The company needs a way to manage the API key by using code. The integration of the API key with the application code cannot affect application performance.
Which solution will meet these requirements MOST securely?

  • A. Store the API credentials in an Amazon DynamoDB table. Restrict access to the table by using resource-based policies. Retrieve the API credentials at runtime by using the AWS SDK. Use the credentials to make the API call.
  • B. Store the API credentials in AWS Secrets Manager. Retrieve the API credentials at runtime by using the AWS SDK. Use the credentials to make the API call.
  • C. Store the API credentials as an object in a private Amazon S3 bucket. Restrict access to the S3 object by using IAM policies. Retrieve the API credentials at runtime by using the AWS SDK. Use the credentials to make the API call.
  • D. Store the API credentials in a local code variable. Push the code to a secure Git repository. Use the local code variable at runtime to make the API call.

Answer: D

A company wants to deploy and maintain static websites on AWS. Each website’s source code is hosted in one of several version control systems, including AWS CodeCommit, Bitbucket, and GitHub.
The company wants to implement phased releases by using development, staging, user acceptance testing, and production environments in the AWS Cloud. Deployments to each environment must be started by code merges on the relevant Git branch. The company wants to use HTTPS for all data exchange. The company needs a solution that does not require servers to run continuously.
Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

  • A. Host each website on its own Amazon EC2 instance. Write a custom deployment script to bundle each website’s static assets. Copy the assets to Amazon EC2. Set up a workflow to run the script when code is merged.
  • B. Host each website by using AWS Amplify with a serverless backend. Conned the repository branches that correspond to each of the desired environments. Start deployments by merging code changes to a desired branch.
  • C. Host each website in AWS Elastic Beanstalk with multiple environments. Use the EB CLI to link each repository branch. Integrate AWS CodePipeline to automate deployments from version control code merges.
  • D. Host each website in different Amazon S3 buckets for each environment. Configure AWS CodePipeline to pull source code from version control. Add an AWS CodeBuild stage to copy source code to Amazon S3.

Answer: B

A developer is designing a serverless application with two AWS Lambda functions to process photos. One Lambda function stores objects in an Amazon S3 bucket and stores the associated metadata in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The other Lambda function fetches the objects from the S3 bucket by using the metadata from the DynamoDB table. Both Lambda functions use the same Python library to perform complex computations and are approaching the quota for the maximum size of zipped deployment packages.
What should the developer do to reduce the size of the Lambda deployment packages with the LEAST operational overhead?

  • A. Package each Python library in its own .zip file archive. Deploy each Lambda function with its own copy of the library.
  • B. Combine the two Lambda functions into one Lambda function. Deploy the Lambda function as a single .zip file archive.
  • C. Download the Python library to an S3 bucket. Program the Lambda functions to reference the object URLs.
  • D. Create a Lambda layer with the required Python library. Use the Lambda layer in both Lambda functions.

Answer: D

A developer has written the following IAM policy to provide access to an Amazon S3 bucket:

Which access does the policy allow regarding the s3:GetObject and s3:PutObject actions?

  • A. Access on all buckets that start with “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET” except the “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET/secrets” bucket
  • B. Access on all objects in the “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET” bucket except on objects that start with “secrets”
  • C. Access on all objects in the “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET” bucket along with access to all S3 actions for objects in the “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET” bucket that start with “secrets”
  • D. Access on all buckets except the “DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET” bucket

Answer: B

A developer needs to perform geographic load testing of an API. The developer must deploy resources to multiple AWS Regions to support the load testing of the API.
How can the developer meet these requirements without additional application code?

  • A. Create and deploy an AWS Lambda function in each desired Region. Configure the Lambda function to create a stack from an AWS CloudFormation template in that Region when the function is invoked.
  • B. Create an AWS CloudFormation template that defines the load test resources. Use the AWS CLI create-stack-set command to create a stack set in the desired Regions.
  • C. Create an AWS CloudFormation template that defines the load test resources. Use the AWS CLI deploy command to create a stack from the template in each Region.
  • D. Create an AWS Systems Manager document that defines the resources. Use the document to create the resources in the desired Regions.

Answer: B


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