Erectile dysfunction

Ambiguous statistics

There is no consensus on this. Some experts say that in 80% of cases men’s failures in bed are caused by psychogenic causes, and in 20% by organic pathology. Others give figures exactly the opposite, insisting that in 80% of cases erectile dysfunction is a consequence of vascular, neurological, urological and endocrine diseases, and only 20% is “psychology”. Still others believe that psychogenic disorders are 4-5 times more common among young people, at an average age the ratio becomes 50: 50, and for those who have crossed the 65-year milestone, 90% of all causes of erectile dysfunction are caused by organic causes. The fourth are sure that erectile dysfunction “from the head” often joins the organic one: having experienced failure, men fixate on this, which further aggravates the problem.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Men with a weak sexual constitution, anxious, suspicious, with low self-esteem are especially susceptible to it. An excessively puritanical upbringing, an unsuccessful first sexual experience, a mismatch of temperaments with a partner also matters. Quite often, problems with potency arise in well-established men: stress, responsibility at work reduces the production of sex hormones. And constant psycho-emotional tension suppresses the activity of the brain centers that are responsible for erection. Problems are aggravated by a kind of intimophobia, when a man seems:”They don’t love me, they love my money.” There is tension, distrust, suspicion, and all this also suppresses sexual desire.

Vintage test

If the causes of erectile dysfunction are exclusively “from the head”, men retain spontaneous nocturnal erections. In 2011, The Journal of Sexual Medicine published an article written by a group of scientists about the so-called vintage test for self-diagnosis of psychogenic erectile dysfunction. For it, it is proposed to use … a ribbon of postage stamps separated by perforation. Before going to bed, you need to fasten the tape around the penis slightly overlapping. If there are no serious health problems, spontaneous erection will occur at night, which will be reported in the morning by the stamps torn along the perforation lines. In this way, you can conduct an initial self-diagnosis, and then solve your problem with a therapist or look for another cause of erectile dysfunction.

The reason is in the vessels…

If a man aged 40-70 years has erectile dysfunction, in 70% of cases he has problems with the heart, blood vessels or type 2 diabetes. Numerous studies have shown that misfires have begun in bed – after 2-3 years, wait for the first symptoms of coronary heart disease..For the health of the heart, it is vital to receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood in time. The mechanism of erection also directly depends on the blood supply. The so-called cavernous bodies located in the sexual organ are filled with blood and significantly increase in volume. If there are atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels, the “recipients” receive less blood: this can lead to the development of angina pectoris, heart attack and erectile dysfunction. (Source website about men’s health )

The name “erectile dysfunction” was proposed in 1993 by the US National Institutes of Health, replacing the word “impotence” offensive to men. It means “the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to satisfy sexual activity. “Erectile dysfunction can only be discussed when these disorders have been observed for at least three months. General practitioners do not consider it necessary to ask male patients about how they are doing in bed. But in vain. After all, this is how you can learn about the risks of developing many diseases!

The problem from the pharmacy

25% of men who “can’t do anything” suffer from side effects of medications. Many medications reduce erection. For example, drugs for lowering blood pressure – beta blockers – in most men leads to a significant deterioration in potency. Worries about failures in bed further increases the pressure and the doctor often increases the dose. It turns out a vicious circle! A study conducted by the Medical Research Council (MRC) showed that erectile dysfunction as a result of incorrectly selected treatment of hypertension often leads to men refusing treatment without informing the doctor. Some diuretics, as well as a number of painkillers, have also come under suspicion. The American Journal of Urology published data according to which 35% of men who drank 2-3 tablets of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for 100 days noticed that their attraction disappeared and their erection worsened.

Antidepressants also affect potency. Moreover, some reduce it, and some increase it, so much so that the rebellious organ can only be subdued by medication.

Modern anti-hair loss drugs seriously reduce libido and potency. The instructions say that the average duration of side effects is 40 months after stopping taking them. And in 20% of cases, side effects have been observed for more than 6 years!

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