January is an ideal time at the beginning of the year to reward yourself with epic trips after a year of hard work. And traveling to Europe is an interesting journey, worth taking part in the experience at least once in your life. In this article, we will share with you very useful European travel guidesforn January, as well as tell you how is Europe in January weather. Let’s take note to be able to enjoy the most memorable and complete trip. 

Climate characteristics of Europe in January weather

January in Europe is the time of winter with many impressive landscapes. The temperature at this time is quite low, ranging from -20 to 15 degrees Celsius. However, the weather and climate in European countries will not be the same. Specifically, the further north, the lower the temperature and the colder the weather.

So, if you want to experience winter sports or want to admire the beauty of white snow, you can travel to Northern Europe. If you want to participate in many interesting activities and love warmer weather, then choose to travel to Southern European countries.

So what should you wear when traveling to Europe in January?

If traveling in Nordic countries, you must carefully prepare warm clothes and do not forget to bring snow shoes. If you are traveling in the South of Europe, you can bring some more comfortable clothes like sweaters, scarves or coats.

Special events and festivals in Europe in January weather

January in Europe is the time when many joyful festivals take place. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Europe around this time, do not miss the following festivals:

Festival of Lights in Amsterdam

The Festival of Lights in Amsterdam is a fascinating event that attracts a large number of visitors every year. Coming to the festival, visitors will be able to see firsthand the unique works of artists from all over the world. More attractive, you can also take a boat along the canals to fully enjoy the unique and beautiful works in the city of Amsterdam.

Tamborrada Festival

Tamborrada is another festival in Europe in January weather that you should visit. It is a traditional festival in Spain that is held for 24 hours, starting at 0:00 on January 20. When the festival takes place, locals will wear uniforms in teams and overflow to the streets to celebrate with great enthusiasm. And if you want to join this bustling atmosphere, come here 1 day before so as not to miss any fantastic moments of the festival.

Bruges Ice and Snow Festival, Belgium

Bruges Ice and Snow Festival is one of the most attractive winter festivals in Europe nowadays. Participating in festivals, visitors will discover a very unique world of ice and snow. Among them, you can also admire the decoration of wooden stalls, the way of dress, and many food stalls and exquisite handicrafts. 

Fire Festival

The Fire Festival is held on the last Tuesday of January every year at Lerwick Harbour, Shetland Islands, Scotland. This is a prominent event in winter in Europe and is also a long-standing custom, imbued with the unique culture of the Vikings. Coming to the festival in Europe in January weather, visitors can immerse in the bustling atmosphere and dispel the cold of winter.

Where should you visit when traveling to Europe in January weather?

Vatnajökull National Park, Ireland

Visit Vatnajökull National Park, you will be amazed at the majestic winter scenery of this place. The most prominent is the giant ice cave Vatnajökull with an area of ​​​​about 12,000 square kilometers.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are a lover of winter sports, especially outdoor skating, you definitely cannot miss the destination of Edinburgh, Scotland. The ice rink in Edinburgh is always famous for its magnificence and magnificence, which will give visitors the best moments of experience.

Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland

It would be a serious omission if traveling to Europe in January weather but dismiss the activities of enjoying the beautiful winter scenery here. In particular, Lapland, Finland will be the best destination for you. Because this place not only owns many impressive winter scenes but also has many interesting activities for visitors to participate in such as skiing, and riding a rickshaw.

Prague, Czech Republic

Peaceful, poetic beauty and extremely attractive with many ancient buildings. Prague is the place for visitors to freely admire the charming beauty of the European winter.

Tallinn – Estonia

The winding streets, crowded with tourists, and countless buildings covered with white snow are the first impressions that visitors can feel when visiting Tallinn, Estonia. Not only that, but this city also has many bustling shops, where you can find many lovely souvenirs. You can choose to buy a few gifts here to bring back as gifts for relatives and friends, it’s also great!

Notes when traveling to Europe in January weather?

To make your January trip to Europe more perfect, take note of the following extremely useful European travel experiences :

Choose the right time

Choosing the right time to travel or planning a trip will help you be proactive in your schedule. It also makes sure that you can choose the appropriate destinations, especially when the weather in Europe is entering the harshest time of the year.


During peak tourist seasons, room rates in Europe will be more expensive than on weekdays. Therefore, to save money, you should find a room through some reputable hotel booking websites. A booking.com coupon $25 will help you a lot in saving money and time. 

In addition, some hotels in the suburbs are also cheaper than in the central area. Therefore, if you don’t mind moving, you can stay at these places to save on hotel costs.


January is also a time when there are often many attractive promotions at stores in Europe. Therefore, if you are a shopaholic, you should not miss this rare opportunity. Some ideal shopping places that you can choose from are Oxford Street (London), Mittenwald (Germany), Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert Street (Belgium), Prince Street (Scotland), etc.

Transportation in Europe in January weather

Winter in Europe often has a lot of snowfall. In some areas, heavy snowfall will affect transportation. Therefore, choosing an appropriate vehicle is quite important. Therefore, for more convenience, you can travel by train, long-distance bus, ferry, etc. These vehicles are not only cost-effective but also very convenient to move in winter in Europe.

Some health tips in Europe in January weather

Because the weather in Europe in January is quite cold, you can apply some of the following good tips to get the best health and mental comfort for your upcoming trip:

  1. Bring lip balm and moisturizer for better skin care.
  2. Should bring ginger candy, and hot oil to warm the body when cold.
  3. After a long day of moving, you should soak your feet in warm water to relieve fatigue.
  4. Let’s start the day with a cup of hot ginger tea to have a day full of energy and excitement!

Above are the travel tips for traveling to European in January weather. Hopefully, the article has brought you a lot of useful information about the weather and climate in Europe in January.