Jim Corbett National Park is the largest wildlife reserve in the quaint landscapes of the Nainital district in Uttarakhand. Once known as the Hailey National Park, the forest, now well-known tiger conservation, stands tall as an ode to the famous British hunter-turned-environmentalist James Edward Corbett. Every year, thousands of wildlife lovers come to tour the wilds of Corbett and catch a rare glimpse of the mighty fierce Royal Bengal Tiger. Besides, the dense and marshy Sal forest is also famous for its incredible birdwatching trail. Did you know that over 500 rare and migratory birds fly into the woods to take refuge in the lush green canopies of trees? In short, Jim Corbett is no less than a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. 

Are you a first-time traveller in the beautiful woods of Jim Corbett? Great! Little do you know that an escapade in Corbett is no less than a soulful retreat. The landscapes here look straight out of a postcard. Acres of green stretches at the foothills of the Himalayas; the views are more wondrous than you imagine. What’s more, is the serene and calm aura of the place. Think about it – don’t we all need a break from the cacophony and noise of cities and busy schedules? We sure do! Hence, take a breather, bask in solace, and live in the leisure moment at Jim Corbett. 

What to expect when venturing the green scapes of Corbett? 

The quiet charm of nature and sublime views of the wilderness are a few of the many first things you witness in Jim Corbett. What’s more, the wildlife territory spanning 500 acres of marshy terrains, riverine, and dense forest zones impresses tourists by leaps and bounds. But, to make the most of a fun and adventurous wildlife holiday, it is crucial to book a stay in a fine Jim Corbett resort first. 

Wondering why narrow in on the best resort in Jim Corbett? Well, an itinerary for Jim Corbett is never too relaxing, especially if you are looking forward to a crazy adventure trip. Cruise the bumpy terrains for wildlife spotting or hike the steep and marshy mountains on a nature trail; Jim Corbett features umpteen adventure activities for travellers. Hence, a good night’s sleep and some relaxing time are essential to gear up for a day of adventure and activities. 

Now that you are aware that a comfortable stay is pivotal, are you curious to find the best resort in Jim Corbett? Do you fancy lounging in a premium and 5-star property? If yes, then don’t forget to check in at Resorts By The Baagh. 

Resorts By The Baagh – A luxury abode in Jim Corbett

Experience the luxuries of 5-star living in the far-off wilds of Jim Corbett. Resorts By The Baagh offers upscale accommodation in the heart of nature. Enjoy luxuriating in the spacious and contemporary rooms overlooking beautiful and manicured gardens, acres of green woods, and the mist-shrouded Shivalik peaks. Moreover, what sets the resort class apart is its matchless hospitality and peerless services. 

In addition to the elegantly appointed accommodation and world-class hospitality, Resorts By The Baagh features state-of-the-art business centres, a beautiful and ornate swimming pool, a swish spa, a modern banquet, and more. In short, the best Jim Corbett resort rewards guests with luxury and experiential stays. 

Is it easy to reach the National park? 

So, now you know that finding a luxury resort in Jim Corbett is a cakewalk. But, have you been brooding if travelling here is easy or not? Contrary to what you imagine, Jim Corbett is very well-connected to the urban cities via roads, railways, and of course, airstrips. Little do you know that wildlife conservation is only 7 hours away from the capital city of Delhi. Hence, planning a quick weekend escapade from Delhi is easy and quick.

Are you travelling from someplace far? Wondering if there’s an airstrip nearby? Of course, there is! The nearest airport to Jim Corbett is Pantnagar. Located on the Rudrapur-Haldwani road, Jim Corbett is only 80.7 km away. 

Furthermore, you can also reach Jim Corbett by rail. Ramnagar is the nearest rail station from the bewildering forestland of Jim Corbett. To sum up, connectivity to and fro from Jim Corbett is quite seamless. Plan a holiday in the woods to experience the best of what nature offers. 

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