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To become a certified media buying professional on Facebook, candidates must pass the 410-101 certification exam. The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 105 minutes. The exam questions are designed to test the candidate’s understanding of Facebook’s advertising platform and their ability to apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios. Once the candidate passes the exam, they will receive a certification that demonstrates their expertise in Facebook advertising and their ability to manage Facebook ads effectively. This certification is recognized globally and is an excellent way for individuals to showcase their skills and advance their careers in the field of digital marketing.

Facebook Certified media buying professional Sample Questions (Q135-Q140):

What are the different type of forms you can currently purchase ads on Facebook?
Choose only ONE best answer.

  • A. Facebook Marketing Partners and Insertion Orders.
  • B. Ad Auction, Insertion Orders, and Facebook Marketing Partners.
  • C. Facebook Marketing Partners and Ad Auction.
  • D. Power Editor, Ad Auction, and Marketing Partners.
  • E. Facebook Auction and Facebook Marketing Partners.

Answer: B

There are basically three options for buying ads on Facebook:
* Facebook Marketing Partners: Formerly called PMD’s are Facebook partners that help you launch campaigns outside of the Facebook interface.
* Insertion Orders (IO): This option is done directly through a Facebook Sales Representative. Usually, you will go through an IO for reach and frequency.
* Ad Auction: The most common way to purchase ads on Facebook. When you launch ads through the Ads Manager, you are utilizing the ad auction option.
Ads Manager are tools you utilize through the Ad Auction.

What are some benefits of MTA?
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Can analyze and compare publishers and campaign performance
  • B. Helps you understand cross-device path to conversion.
  • C. Shows that attribution window is always tied to a last touch model
  • D. Shows that the last touch model has no limits
  • E. Gives credit to multiple impressions and clicks on the path to conversion.

Answer: A,B,E

Benefits of people-based multi-touch attribution (MTA)
* Helps you understand the cross-device, people-based path to conversion
* Provides actionable data for more efficient allocation of media spend
* Can analyze and compare publishers, campaigns, and cross-device performance
* Demonstrates the limits of only using a last touch model
* Shows what’s working and what isn’t among marketing channels
Attribution is the assigning of credit to a marketing touchpoint.Most digital advertisers today measure with a last click attribution model, in which the last click gets full credit for driving a conversion. In this model, even if there were five impressions and one click in the path to conversion, all credit is given to the click. In contrast, multi-touch attribution (MTA) gives credit to multiple impressions and clicks on the path to conversion.

Your client has 14 stores in different cities. They are launching a new product line and would like to reach young female professionals with a 30 second video. They would like to measure the results of the campaign with ad recall lift.
What manual placement should you select for the campaign?
Select two of the following options:
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Instagram
  • B. Audience Network
  • C. Facebook and Audience Network
  • D. WhatsApp
  • E. Facebook

Answer: A,E

Facebook recommends the following choices, broken out by campaign objective:
* Brand awareness (including Reach & Frequency buying): Facebook and Instagram
* Engagement (including Reach & Frequency buying): Facebook and Instagram
* Video views (including Reach & Frequency buying): Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
* App installs: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network
* Traffic (for website clicks and app engagement): Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network
* Catalog sales: Facebook and Audience Network
* Conversions: Facebook, Messenger and Audience Network. The offsite conversions optimization goal also supports Instant Articles and Instagram Stories.

You are launching mobile reactivation campaign to re-market users who have installed the app before. Below is the information for the campaign your social media manager just launched:
Targeting: Core Audiences
Ad Units: Link ads in News Feeds
Bid Types: CPM
Measurement: Conversion pixel
How do you fix the campaign?
Select all that apply.
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Use Facebook SDK to measure conversions.
  • B. Use more core audiences to increase results.
  • C. Change the bidding type to CPA instead of CPM.
  • D. Change audiences to custom audiences.
  • E. Add conversion lift tests to measure campaign results.

Answer: A,C,D

If you are running campaigns to re-active users who have downloaded a mobile application, the only way to measure results is through Facebook’s SDK. The conversion pixel is used for websites.
You want to use CPM for brand awareness campaigns.For direct response campaigns, you want to use CPA or optimize for conversions, as you are interested in getting people to use the app.
You also want to market users who HAVE downloaded the app. To build this audience, you need a custom audience. Core audiences are for reaching out to new markets.

You are running a mobile app event campaign on Facebook.
Your team is discussing how to properly set up the attribution window of the campaign.
You explain to your team what an attribution window is and how to use it.
You write on the board some key points on attribution window.
Select all bullet points that apply.
Choose ALL answers that apply.

  • A. Attribution window is the number of actions when a user viewed an ad and then downloaded an app.
  • B. Views are called click-through attribution.
  • C. Attribution window is set to 1-day view and 28-day click.
  • D. Attribution window is the number of days between the moment a person viewed or clicked an ad and then subsequently took action.

Answer: C,D

The number of days between the moment a person viewed or clicked your ad and then subsequently took action is called an attribution window.
Facebook reports ad actions based on views of your ad and clicks on your ad:
* Clicks: A person clicked your ad and took action. This is called click-through attribution.
* Views: A person saw your ad, didn’t click it, but took action within the attribution window. This is called view-through attribution.

By default, your attribution window is set to 1-day view and 28-day click, which means you see actions that happened 1 day after someone viewed your ad and up to 28 days after someone clicked your ad.


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