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The Huawei H12-731-ENU exam is considered to be a highly challenging and rigorous exam, and passing it requires a deep understanding of network security concepts and practices. The exam covers a wide range of topics related to network security, including network security technologies such as firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion prevention systems, as well as security management practices such as risk assessment and incident response. Candidates are expected to have practical experience in network security implementation and management, as well as a solid understanding of security policies and regulations.

The Huawei H12-731-ENU exam is a certification exam for professionals seeking to validate their skills in the field of network security. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex security solutions using Huawei technologies. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including network security technologies, network security protocols, network security management, and network security deployment.

The Huawei H12-731-ENU exam is an important step for network security professionals who are looking to advance their careers and demonstrate their expertise in this field. This certification program is recognized worldwide as a mark of excellence in network security, and successful candidates will be able to demonstrate their ability to design, implement, and manage network security solutions effectively.

>> H12-731-ENU Valid Test Questions <<

New H12-731-ENU Dumps Free, H12-731-ENU Brain Dump Free

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Huawei HCIE-Security (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Security) Sample Questions (Q108-Q113):

Which of the following statements about URL filtering is false?

  • A. Prefix and suffix matching only supports black and white lists but not custom classifications
  • B. URL matching method supports blacklist and whitelist
  • C. Cannot associate time objects when applying URL profiles to security policies
  • D. The order of URL filtering is whitelist>blacklist>custom URL>predefined URL

Answer: A,C

What protocols and ports need to be opened when the firewall uses the IPsec function?

  • A. UDP packets with destination ports 500 and 4500.
  • B. IP packets whose protocols are AH and ESP.
  • C. UDP packet with destination port 1701.
  • D. UDP packets with source ports 500 and 4500.

Answer: A,B

When the firewall uses WEB redirection password authentication, the user does not take the initiative to authenticate, but first accesses the business, and the firewall redirects the page to the “authentication page”. After successful authentication, it automatically jumps to the page the user visited before.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

Answer: B

The USG serves as the gateway of the headquarters. Users on business trips need to use the Internet to establish a VPN tunnel to access the resources of the headquarters, and users on business trips do not need to install any dial-up software. Which of the following VPN technologies is most suitable:

  • A. SSL VPN
  • B. L2TP
  • C. IPsec VPN
  • D. GRE

Answer: A

When configuring an IKE proposal, which of the following three parameters must be configured?

  • A. security acl
  • B. Hash algorithm
  • C. DH-group
  • D. PFS
  • E. encryption algorithm

Answer: B,C,E


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