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The CIPS L4M8 exam is an online exam that consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. Candidates have a total of 90 minutes to complete the exam, and they must achieve a minimum score of 50% to pass. The exam is available in several languages and is administered at various testing centers around the world.

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CIPS Procurement and Supply in Practice Sample Questions (Q31-Q36):

Think of a supply chain with which you are familiar and distinguish between the primary, second-ary and tertiary sector organization within it.


Supply chain involves a network of individuals, organizations, technology activities and resources to make sure goods or services flow along the chain. If one point fails, every part further along the chain fails.
Fullpower projects (a flour manufacturer) supply chain begins with producers (raw materials, wheat farmers), suppliers, manufactures, distributors, retailers and end users (customer).
Fullpower projects supply chain falls within the primary sector (producers of wheat), the secondary sector include the manufacturing (those that converts the wheat the suppliers brings into flour) and tertiary sector (the distributor those that takes the wheat to the end users).

Explain how a lack of understanding of a global supplier’s culture and ethical behavior could cost buying organization money.


Organizational culture is made up of behaviors, traits, values and beliefs and these differ signifi-cantly across the globe. Gestures that may be positive in one country can be highly offensive in another. This culture could mean; for example, individualistic/collectivistic, masculine/feminine, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, Time perspective, indulgence/restraint.
When negotiating and forming contracts within the extended supply chain, it is important that the culture of the suppliers is understood to be compatible with the buying organization or else their might be loss of reputation, time, money material and equipment.
Also, being not aware of what is an acceptable ethically behavior in global sourcing can cost a buying organization. In some countries, bribery and kickbacks are a standard part of doing business. If procurement professional is not aware of the fact that some countries methods of doing business involves or expect kickbacks, for example, this could be costly to the organization and cancel out any savings that had originally been seen.
Cost of poor quality and rework: if the product or service quality is poor the organization may not satisfy it customers and this can lead to a loss of reputation in the market. For example, a residential building construction company contracting a supplier that supply would require home owners to reinstall a new door within three months. The organization would spend more funds in carrying out rework.
More administrative cost in contract management: an organization will have to manage it sup-pliers and the contracts to ensure they are delivering what they were contracted to do. A poor con-tract management is a waste in the process of delivery that can lead to loss of money. Also, to cor-rect this would cost the organizations administrative cost.

What is Decommissioning?


When a fixed asset reaches the end of its life, it requires decommissioning before reconditioning or disposal.
Decommissioning is to observe all the safety measures and technical procedures and stop active machinery or an asset from operation (example; gas plant, power generator, transformer etc.
Decommissioning process include the following aspect
1) Preparation: Plan the process
2) Dismantle: Take the asset apart and remove hazardous waste
3) Processing: make safe any hazardous waste
4) Disposal: Ensure paper work is received to confirm removal and disposal

What happens in the public sector, regarding providing feedback?


A sector is an area of an industry, e.g., private, public or third sector.
A public sector is a sector of the economy that is owned, finance and run by the government. This sector is financed with tax payer’s money. And therefore owe the general public an ethical explanation towards all investment and decision.
Once the supplier that is awarded the contract has accepted, the buyer can tell the unsuccessful bidders. This usually happens through email or letter. The public sector is more likely to give feedback to unsuccessful bidders and also have to respond to any stakeholders that request information on why a supplier is not successful.

What effect is technology having on jobs within an organization with which you are familiar with?


With the ever developing use of technology, organizations are often under pressure to keep up with numerous technological advances. Jobs could be created in line with technology. Advances in technology can also results in lack of requirement for human impact and as such, jobs could be lost. Though it can help save time and retain bulk files in no space.


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