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The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst certification exam is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in analyzing business processes and requirements in the context of Salesforce. This certification is ideal for individuals who work as business analysts, consultants, or project managers and want to validate their understanding of Salesforce’s capabilities and best practices. The certification exam covers a wide range of topics, including data modeling, process automation, user interface customization, and reporting and analytics. It also tests the candidate’s ability to work with stakeholders, gather and document requirements, and design solutions that meet business needs.

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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Sample Questions (Q96-Q101):

A business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers had a meeting with sales and service reps to gather requirements around contact management for a new Salesforce implementation. A sales rep wants a place to capture the names of the contact’s spouse and children to help build the relationship. The BA writes the following user story.
“As a user, I need to be able to record a contact’s title and role as separate data points so I know who to address for various needs of the account.” Who should be listed as the persona?

  • A. Contact
  • B. Service rep
  • C. Sales rep

Answer: B

Northern Trail Outfitters is Updating Its customer portal built on Experience Cloud. The team has drafted a user story:
“As a customer, I want to be able to chat with a support agent and view my account, see my orders, and ask questions via the customer port.
What should a business analyst do to improve this user story?

  • A. Estimate how long it will take the technical team to complete the story.
  • B. Adjust the goal of the user story to be independent.
  • C. Include specific information about potential Salesforce solutions.

Answer: C

Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE).
How will CK benefit from using a CoE to define the long-term vision for its Salesforce org?

  • A. CK will be better able to prioritize across teams and streamline processes.
  • B. CK will get insights to current business processes.
  • C. CK will develop a process to gather feedback from end users regularly.

Answer: A

A business analysis (BA) is creating a business flowchart to review with a customer service team that is using service team that is using Service Cloud. The team is organized by the products and the regions they support.
Which step should the BA include e in the business flowchart?

  • A. Set limits to the scope that will be documented.
  • B. Capture decision steps and different outcomes.
    Illustrate which fields are integrated with an external system.

Answer: B

The VP of sales at Cloud Kicks wants to streamline the lead qualification process to improve the team’s productivity and help them reach their target goals. A business analyst (BA) has been assigned to the project to identify the disconnect between the sales and marketing teams’ definitions of a qualified lead.
What should the BA focus on?

  • A. Mapping historical lead data from each team and building carts to highlight similarities
  • B. Scheduling an all-day collaboration workshop with both team to resolve their differences.
  • C. Evaluating the team’s skills and experiences to determine how the can better align.

Answer: B


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