There are two types of process – one is the project manager who has to make decisions, whereas the other is an organization which is used to a project manager who is not involved in making decisions. A project manager will make decisions about what the next step will be and when he/she will take it.

A project manager should understand the various steps in a project and he must know them well. These steps are called the PRINCE 2 steps. Each step has specific processes and procedures for completion. There are six Prince2 course online steps in PRINCE 2. All these steps are based on the project charter.

The first step is scope planning. Scope planning is carried out by the project manager. He prepares the list of requirements and tasks that will be included in the project. Once the project scope is planned, the project manager must plan for all aspects of the project. In the planning phase, it is a very important thing for the project manager to do all the analysis and research required to come up with a sound plan for the project. The second step is risk identification. A project manager identifies risks that might occur in his project. He must ensure that he finds and eliminates these risks. It is very important for a project manager to identify risks early in the planning stage. The next step is requirements definition. Requirements are defined and written down.