Skype is a popular Internet service for making free phone calls and video chats with other people.

Skype for Business is a version of Skype. For Skype business customers, you can have phone calls with people using the Skype client software. It offers group chat, IM, audio and video calls. This includes free conference calls with up to 500 participants and the ability to make international calls.

Google Voice is an Internet-based telephone service that works just like the regular telephones. You can make free local calls to other Google Voice users and have the calls appear on your computer screen as Buy Google Voice Accounts voice mail or ring into your mobile device. It has free voicemail and call forwarding.

You can send and receive text messages, too.

The best feature of Google Voice is that it lets you make international calls. You can make calls from anywhere in the world for just 10 cents a minute. You can also use it to make calls to people who are calling you. It works with mobile phones, landlines and VoIP.

Google Voice has no monthly fee, and you can make unlimited calls. You can set up a Google Voice account for multiple family members, including kids.

Google Voice can be integrated with Google Apps accounts and used with Gmail.