When it comes to the FE civil practice exam, it is a great way to determine what students learned while pursuing their undergraduate engineering degrees. While there is no perfect way to prepare for this exam, the following tips will emerge as your safest bet for helping you pass it: Keep reading to get acquainted!

Get Familiar with the Topics Asked on the FE Exam

It is likely you are already aware of the many undergraduate courses that will be covered in the FE exam, such as statistics, mathematics, and others. But did you know NCEES, the body that creates this exam, generates a list of topics that could be asked on the FE exam? Thus, it becomes vital that you get familiar with these topics so that any question asked in the test doesn’t come as a surprise to you.

Get Acquainted with The “FE Reference Handbook”

Each aspirant is given the same reference handbook that they need to go through. It is pivotal that every examinee appearing for this examination understands the deeper deets of this so-called manual. Going through different sections and comprehending the equations to solve problems will improve your preparation for the exam. After all, the ultimate intent is to pass the FE test on the first try.

Evaluate Your Weak Areas

Take the reference exams or diagnostic exams available in your FE review course to determine how much you need to prepare for the final exam. Additionally, it will help determine weak areas on which you need to focus and which topic you should emphasize the most.

Solve More and More Practice Problems

Another astounding way to clear the FE exam is to work on varied practice problems. Simply put, to solve every problem in the FE exam, you will have less than 3 minutes. So you must be able to remember every solution procedure and piece of data instantly. The best-fit method for the same is to solve as many practice problems as you can. The review course is loaded with practice problems; solving each problem will surely help when giving the FE exam.

Make a Schedule

The next FE exam tip is to create a well-crafted schedule to clear this tough examination. It should entail the number of practical hours you will be spending along with the concise outlines of the subjects you must grasp.

Once you have prepared a solid schedule, remember to strictly adhere to it without failing. You should never have any doubts about the plan you’ve devised.

Take Assistance from the Calculator’s Advanced Features

Your aim should be to resolve as many practice problems as you can. To ensure this, you can benefit from your NCEES approved FE examination calculator by understanding the comprehensive features it offers. One thing is for sure: this way, you can save your precious time when practicing on different problems.

It is imperative to highlight here that this calculator can help you in the following ways:

1) To aid you in resolving a variable-dependent equation
2) Helping in creating a layered display for lengthy equations
3) Quick-solving derivatives and integrals
4) Resolving vector questions becomes quite easy
5) For converting binary, decimal, hexadecimal, and octal numbers.

You May Skip Subjects Not Covered in Your School

The FE examination may include questions that have not been covered in your undergraduate engineering degree. While the ultimate aim should be to practice in these areas, at the same time you should be focusing on the concepts that you are already comfortable with. In other words, when you appear for the FE exam, try taking up the questions that you have a higher prospect of answering correctly. Once you are finished with them, you should take on the next hurdle in resolving the rest of the questions.

Try to Answer Each Question from Scratch

It’s a human tendency: when we are unable to resolve a question, we quickly move ahead to look for its answer. However, you should not give up so easily and try solving it again and again. Finally, if you are unable to answer it, then you may peek through the solution.
Then re-attempt that question to see what exactly it is asking. This time you should be able to answer it, which means you worked hard for it and eventually succeeded. So if a similar question pops up in the FE exam, the hope is that you will be better equipped to deal with it.

You Must Fulfill Your Sleep Requirements Before the Examination

If you are thinking of cramming some concepts that you could not cover before the FE test, remember that it is certainly not recommended. You are not advised to put your months of diligent studying at stake by not sleeping before the FE exam. Rather, you should fulfill your slumber time enough so that your mind feels refreshed and relaxed. This way, you will be able to take on any hurdles that may come your way pretty well.

Don’t Take References from Books That Are Outdated

The NCEES regularly updates the list of FE exam topics. However, there still exist books that contain information that is no longer accurate or pertinent. Instead of taking help from these resources, you should seek aid from books that have the latest information and topics.

Take the Services of an Esteemed Provider

You might get a handful of practice problems to solve from your resources. Additionally, you may get them from the internet too. While these methods can work for you, you are risking knowledge gaps in your preparation by not using the services of a reliable provider such as the Civil Engineering Academy. Taking their services will ensure that you are on the right track of your preparation by solving practice problems that are in accordance with the concepts asked in the FE exam.

Additionally, you get assistance from top professionals to help you clear this tricky examination. Whether you are scouting for a provider that helps you with FE civil practice exam preparation or your PE exam prep study guide, the label Civil Engineering Academy gets you covered.