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Career Opportunities & Pay for PMP Certified Individuals

The PMP certification opens numerous doors in project management. Certified professionals can get a job as a senior project manager, technical project manager, director of operations, and others. When it comes to compensation, PMI states that PMP accredited individuals have 25% higher salaries in the US compared to non-certified specialists. The average pay for PMP professionals is about $107k annually, according to

PMI Project Management Professional (2023 Version) Sample Questions (Q62-Q67):

A project manager determines that a project will be behind schedule and over budget as its current pace. If tasks must be performed sequentially, what scheduling technique should be used to get the project schedule back on track?

  • A. Fast tracking
  • B. Schedule forecast
  • C. Crashing
  • D. Critical path method (CPM)

Answer: C

Section: Executing

A project manager receives a compliant from a stakeholder that they have not received formal updates on key project milestones.
What should the project manager do?

  • A. Send a project report to the stakeholder and update the change management plan accordingly.
  • B. Escalate the issue to the project sponsor.
  • C. Update the risk register and note this as an assumption made.
  • D. Consult the communications management plan to determine if this stakeholder is required to be updated, then act accordingly.

Answer: D

Section: Executing

One of the team members is consistently absent in team meetings, but always completes their assigned tasks on time. Other team members think this member should attend the meetings.
What should the project manager do?

  • A. Allow each team member to submit their required tasks on time and reduce the number of scheduled meetings.
  • B. Review and update the project ground rules to make meeting attendance mandatory.
  • C. Understand the reason for the team member’s absence and encourage them to attend future meetings.
  • D. Assign this member to facilitate the next meeting to ensure project team collaboration.

Answer: A

The Project Manager is creating an estimate for building a company WAN (wide area network). It is something that is new to the Project Manager and his team, and they want to make sure all the work of the project is covered. They decide to create a bottom-up estimate. All of the following are advantages of this type of estimate except…

  • A. It provides team buy-in when they help create it
  • B. It has a greater degree of accuracy because of the detail at which it was created
  • C. It takes a great amount of time to create
  • D. It provides supporting detail of the estimate

Answer: C

The purpose of a numeric scale in risk management is to______________

  • A. Test project assumptions
  • B. Assign a relative value to the impact on project objectives if the risk in question occurs
  • C. Rank order risks in terms of very low, low, moderate, high, and very high
  • D. Avoid high-impact risks

Answer: B

Section: Mix Questions
You can develop relative or numeric, well-defined scales using agreed-upon definitions by the stakeholders.
When using a numeric scale, each level of impact has a specific number assigned to it.


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