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The HashiCorp VA-002-P exam is a multiple-choice test consisting of 50 questions that must be answered within 60 minutes. The exam is computer-based and can be taken online or at a testing center. The exam fee is $125, and candidates must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher to receive certification.

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HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q147-Q152):

A user has created three workspaces using the command line – prod, dev, and test. The user wants to create a fourth workspace named stage. Which command will the user execute to accomplish this?

  • A. terraform workspace -new stage
  • B. terraform workspace -create stage
  • C. terraform workspace create stage
  • D. terraform workspace new stage

Answer: D

The terraform workspace new command is used to create a new workspace.

Select the policies below that permit you to create a new entry of foo=bar at the path /secrets/apps/my_secret (select three)

  • A. path “secrets/apps/my_secret” {
    capabilities = [“create”]
    allowed_parameters = {
    “foo” = []
  • B. path “secrets/apps/my_secret” {
    capabilities = [“update”]
  • C. path “secrets/+/my_secret” {
    capabilities = [“create”]
    allowed_parameters = {
    “*” = [“bar”]
  • D. path “secrets/apps/*” {
    capabilities = [“create”]
    allowed_parameters = {
    “foo” = [“bar”, “zip”]

Answer: A,C

Setting a parameter with a value of the empty list allows the parameter to contain any value.
Setting a parameter with a value of a populated list allows the parameter to contain only those values.
If any keys are specified, all non-specified parameters will be denied unless the parameter “*” is set to an empty array, which will allow all other parameters to be modified. Parameters with specific values will still be restricted to those values.

You have been given requirements to create a security group for a new application. Since your organization standardizes on Terraform, you want to add this new security group with the fewest number of lines of code. What feature could you use to iterate over a list of required tcp ports to add to the new security group?

  • A. terraform import
  • B. dynamic backend
  • C. dynamic block
  • D. splat expression

Answer: C

A dynamic block acts much like a for expression but produces nested blocks instead of a complex typed value. It iterates over a given complex value and generates a nested block for each element of that complex value.

What is the result of the following Vault command?
vault auth enable userpass

  • A. mounts the userpass auth method to the default path
  • B. Imports usernames and passwords from LDAP to the local database
  • C. allows Vault to access usernames and passwords stored in a second Vault cluster
  • D. Enables Vault to use external services to authenticate clients to Vault

Answer: A

The auth enable command enables an auth method at a given path. If an auth method already exists at the given path, an error is returned.
Command to enable auth method vault auth <enable/disable> followed by the name of the auth method.
Additional parameters can be included to specify the name of the mount.

What happens when a terraform plan is executed?

  • A. reconciles the state Terraform knows about with the real-world infrastructure
  • B. creates an execution plan and determines what changes are required to achieve the desired state in the configuration files.
  • C. the backend is initialized and the working directory is prepped
  • D. applies the changes required in the target infrastructure in order to reach the desired configuration

Answer: B

The terraform plan command is used to create an execution plan. Terraform performs a refresh, unless explicitly disabled, and then determines what actions are necessary to achieve the desired state specified in the configuration files.
After a plan has been run, it can be executed by running a terraform apply


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