我們的KaoGuTi是一個為多種IT認證考試的人提供準確的考試材料的專業網站。我們的KaoGuTi是一個可以為很多IT人士提升自己的職業目標。我們的IT精英團隊的力量會讓你難以置信。你可以先嘗試我們KaoGuTi為你們提供的免費下載關於Microsoft MB-320認證考試的部分考題及答案來測我們的可靠性。

Microsoft MB-320認證考試涵蓋了與Dynamics 365供應鏈管理及製造模塊相關的一系列主題。這些主題包括設置和配置模塊、管理生產訂單、管理物料清單和商品庫存。考試旨在測試個人對這些主題的知識以及他們使用解決方案解決複雜製造挑戰的能力。通過考試,專業人士可以展示他們在這個領域的專業知識,並增強職業前景。

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Microsoft MB-320認證考試,MB-320考試內容

我們的Microsoft MB-320題庫是由專業的IT團隊以最好的技術水準制作而得到的學習資料,其中整合最新的MB-320考試問題得到而來,以確保您購買我們的題庫資料是真實有效的,即使是新手也可以快速輕松獲得Microsoft MB-320認證。對于如此有效的考古題,趕快加入購物車吧!付款之后您就可以立即下載所購買的MB-320題庫,這將會讓您在您的考試中獲得高分,并順利的通過MB-320考試。

Microsoft MB-320 認證考試涵蓋廣泛的主題,包括製造執行、資源規劃、產品資訊管理、庫存管理和品質管理等。考試由多項選擇題和基於模擬的問題組成,測試考生將其知識應用於現實情境的能力。此外,考試還旨在評估考生與各類利益相關者(包括客戶、供應商和員工)合作實現業務目標的能力。

微软MB-320:Microsoft Dynamics 365供应链管理,制造业考试是为那些想要验证其制造业和供应链管理技能的专业人士设计的认证考试。这个考试是微软Dynamics 365认证计划的一部分,面向那些具有制造概念和供应链管理实践的基本理解的个人。

最新的 Microsoft Dynamics 365 MB-320 免費考試真題 (Q66-Q71):

問題 #66
A manufacturing company is implementing Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The company uses a standard costing model to value inventory.
During the setup of the system, all areas that impact the standard cost of the item must be configured correctly to calculate a complete standard cost by using routing, Bill of materials (BOM) and overhead burden.
You need to verify that all areas of the system are correctly configured.
Which object does NOT impact the standard cost of manufactured items?

  • A. item group
  • B. cost categories
  • C. BOM formula
  • D. cost groups


問題 #67
You are a functional consultant for Contoso Entertainment System USA (USMF).
The factory of USMF has a shift that runs during the hours of 06:00 to 14:00 from Monday to Friday.
You plan to create a calendar that will use the shift.
You need to create the factory shift in the system.
To complete this task, sign in to Dynamics 365 portal.


See explanation below.
You need to configure a working time template to define the hours 06:00 to 14:00. Then you set up a working time calendar to define the working days. For this question, we just need to configure the working time template.
* Click Organization administration > Common > Calendars > Working time templates. Click New to create a new line.
* On the Overview tab, in the Working time template field, enter an alphanumeric identifier of up to 10 characters.
* In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the template.
* Select the tab that corresponds to the day of the week that you want to define working hours for, and click Add to create a new line.
* In the From field, enter the starting time for the day or the period.
* In the To field, enter the ending time for the day or the period. This can be defined as a day, a shift, or a temporary stop in operation, such as a lunch period.
* In the Efficiency field, enter the efficiency percentage.
* In the Property field, select the property for the selected day’s working time template.
* Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each day of the week.

問題 #68
You have a product that can be manufactured on two different production lines in the same warehouse. You create resources and then create individual input locations for the resources. You create two routes. Each route uses different resources.
Materials are staged for consumption in different locations based on the resources being utilized for production.
You need to set up the formula to consume the goods from the correct line-side location.
What should you do?

  • A. Select a warehouse and consumption operation for each line.
  • B. Select the plan group and consumption operation for each line.
  • C. Select resource consumption and the operation for each line.
  • D. Specify a site in the formula header.


Section: Create and manage production and lean orders

問題 #69
You are a production manager at a company which produces large batches of coffee and creamers.
After a quality inspection, batch 120008 of you cold brew coffee (item number CB-0001) was found to be too acidic and must be reworked.
You need to add 20 grams of sugar and stir the product for an additional 0.5 hours.
What three actions are required on the rework order? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Add a route operation for 0.5 run time hours of stirring.
  • B. Delete all route operations except for a half an hour stirring operation.
  • C. Manually reserve batch 120008 after estimating the batch order.
  • D. Add 20 grams of sugar to the production formula.
  • E. Delete all items from the production formula except for 20 grams of sugar.



問題 #70
A customer produces light projection toys for holiday decorations throughout the year. Vendors have negotiated rebate agreements as a condition of their contract. The contract also contains the visual templates required for the customer to use in a season.
Vendor rebate agreements must only be applied if the following requirements are met:
* Units of measure for deliverables are the same unit of measure as on the agreement.
* The agreement is valid as of the date a purchase order is generated.
You need to configure the vendor rebate agreements. What should you do?

  • A. Set the Calculation date type field value to Requested delivery.
  • B. Set the Cumulative purchase by field value to the end of the season date.
  • C. Set the Calculation date type field value to Created.
  • D. Set the Cumulative purchase by field value to the beginning of the season date.



問題 #71

MB-320認證考試: https://www.kaoguti.gq/MB-320_exam-pdf.html

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