Medent EMR Vs EZDERM EMR – Should You Choose


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MEDENT EMR and EZDERM EMR are two popular EMRs that many dentists and doctors are interested in. Both offer some great features and functions. However, the best EMR for your practice depends on what your needs are.


EZDERM EMR is a dermatology specific EMR system that will bolster your biz with a slew of useful features including patient portal and direct messaging, among others. The software is also designed to help you keep your practice humming along with the help of a top-notch customer support team. Aside from a myriad of dermatology EMR applications, you will also be able to manage your entire practice, albeit on your mobile device of choice. Using EZDERM EMR is a snap with its mobile interface and a robust database of patient records, allowing you to focus your attention on your patients.

Patient Records

The most interesting part of using EZDERM EMR is that the software will automatically update its data base of patient records based on your schedule, thus avoiding the need to manually perform the same feat on a regular basis. You will also be able to track your practice’s growth with the help of EZDERM EMR’s practice tracking tool, a worthy tack on to the traditional paper-based process.

Electronic Medical Record

Using an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) allows you to store your medical records in a digital format. It is used to record diagnoses, treatment plans, and patient information. These records can be shared between healthcare providers and their patients. They are generally not intended to be shared outside of an individual practice. However, EHRs can be shared between multiple healthcare systems.


EZDERM is a provider of Electronic Medical Record software, and their software has been praised for its user-friendly interface and robust features. They have been in business for more than 20 years. The system is HIPAA-compliant, and users can customize it to meet their needs. It is also designed to help medical practices streamline administrative processes.

Variety Of Solutions

EZDERM offers a variety of solutions for medical practices, including Practice Management, Patient Engagement, and Revenue Management. The EMR software is designed to help you reduce time spent on administrative processes and focus on caring for patients. It is also designed to make your practice more compliant with the law. It also includes features that streamline inventory management.

EZDERM iPad app allows you to view patient records on the go, and allows you to edit lab files and write directly on the touchscreen. It can also generate bills and consent forms. It also works with their desktop software.

MEDENT Software

MEDENT EMR is a cloud-based medical program that helps improve office workflows. The software also features a disease management feature with integrated dashboards.

Management Capabilities

MEDENT Software is a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations of all sizes. This is a cloud-based, scalable system that allows you to easily recognize the names and addresses of thousands upon thousands. It even has a document-importing function that makes documenting patient visits as simple as possible.

Centralized Document

Having a central document repository will help you save time and money. This document storage system can hold both paper and electronic documents.Document repositories can help reduce redundant information and protect your files against unauthorized modifications.Document repositories were usually created to meet the needs and requirements of users.

Management prescriptions

MEDENT can be used to create an electronic health record (EHR) that is all-inclusive.MEDENT provides a variety of features to help manage patient engagement, billing, and practice management.

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