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The Fortinet NSE6_WCS-6.4 certification is a valuable achievement for IT professionals who work with AWS and are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in cloud security. This certification validates the candidate’s ability to secure AWS workloads using Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4 and demonstrates their commitment to professional development and continuous learning.

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NSE6_WCS-6.4 Test Braindumps & NSE6_WCS-6.4 Reliable Exam Braindumps

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The Fortinet NSE6_WCS-6.4 certification exam is a comprehensive test that validates the knowledge and skills required to secure AWS environments with Fortinet Cloud Security solutions. It is a valuable credential for professionals who are working with cloud infrastructures and is recognized globally. Passing the exam demonstrates the ability to configure, deploy, and manage cloud security solutions using Fortinet technologies, making it a valuable asset for individuals and organizations alike.

The Fortinet NSE6_WCS-6.4 exam is a highly respected certification that demonstrates a candidate’s expertise in securing cloud infrastructure in AWS environments. This certification is recognized globally and is highly valued by organizations that use AWS for their cloud infrastructure. The exam is designed to test a candidate’s ability to implement best practices for securing AWS environments using Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4. Successful candidates will be able to design and implement secure cloud infrastructure, detect and respond to security threats, and manage security policies and compliance requirements.

Fortinet NSE 6 – Securing AWS With Fortinet Cloud Security 6.4 Sample Questions (Q28-Q33):

Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement is correct about the VPC peering connections shown in the exhibit?

  • A. You can associate VPC ID pcx-23232323 with VPC B to form a VPC
    peering connection between VPC B and VPC C.
  • B. You cannot route packets directly from VPC B to VPC C through VPC A.
  • C. TO route packets directly from VPC B to VPC C through VPC A, you must add a route for network in the VPC A routing table.
  • D. You cannot create a VPC peering connection between VPC B
    and VPC C to route packets directly.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

You deployed an active-passive FortiGate HA using a Cloud Formation template on an existing VPC_ Now you want to test active-passive FortiGate HA failover by running a debug so you can see the API calls to change the elastic and secondary IP addresses.
Which statement is correct about the output of the debug?

  • A. The elastic IP is associated with port2 of Fgt2. and the secondary IP address for port1and port2 was updated successfully.
  • B. IP address 10. O. O. L 3 is now associated with eni-Ob61d8afcOaefb8a2.
  • C. The elastic IP is associated with port1of Fgt2.
  • D. The routing table for Fgt2 updated successfully. and port2 will provide internet access to Fgt2.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

You have created an autoscale configuration using a FortiGate HA Cloud
Formation template. You want to examine the autoscale FortiOS configuration to confirm that FortiGate autoscale is configured to synchronize primary and secondary devices. On one of the FortiGate devices, you execute the command shown in the exhibit Which statement is correct about the output of the command?

  • A. The device is the secondary in the HA configuration. with the IP address
  • B. The device is the primary in the HA configurationand the IP address of the secondary device is10.0.0.173.
  • C. The device is the primary in the HA configuration. with the IP address
  • D. The device is the secondary in the HA configuration, and the IP address Of the primary device is

Answer: D

Which product you Can use as AWS WAF web access control lists (web ACLS) to minimize the effects Of a DDOS attack?

  • A. AWS Shield
  • B. AWS Inspector
  • C. AWS Protector
  • D. AWS GuardDuty

Answer: A

As part of the security plan you have been tasked with deploying a FortiGate in AWS.
Which two are the security responsibility of the customer in a cloud environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Storage infrastructure
  • B. Virtualization platform
  • C. Traffic encryption
  • D. User management

Answer: C,D


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