Our lives are becoming more and more hectic every day. We are so busy with our jobs, family, and social responsibilities that we hardly get some quality time with our partners, let alone ourselves. This in the long run not only hugely impacts our relationship, and our partner but also our own mental health and happiness.

 Intimacy is an integral part of any romantic relationship. It is important for both partners to keep aside some time every now and then to be alone with their  love interest. If either of them is unable to do so, the relationship loses its spark and charm. It just becomes a  burden of responsibilities which doesn’t last long.

Therefore spending some alone time with your partner is a must, no matter in which profession you are and what position you hold.

Nuru Massage

It is a kind of erotic Massage in which the masseur gives a massage to the client using their body. The word Nuru means slippery. Both the client and masseur are covered with gel preferably nuru seaweed gel that is non-sticky and slippery making the movement of the masseur easy on the client’s body.

The Japanese are popular for their different types of massage techniques for ages. Nuru Massage is also a gift from Japan that not only improves body health but also gives sexual stimulation & pleasure. 

Although this massage started as a service in massage parlours, it is now commonly practised by couples to spend some intimate moments or add a spark to their sex life.

Tips & Techniques for Nuru Massage

You hardly get to spend some intimate time with your partner, so once you have decided to try this new erotic massage, make it a special experience, so that your partner never forgets. Here are the steps & techniques to follow while trying this ultimate massage with your love interest:

  • Create a romantic corner: This is of course the first and foremost step. Just like you plan your date and make the necessary arrangements with flowers, bouquets, lights etc to please your partner, similarly, you should plan your massage date as well. 

Decide where you wish to enjoy the massage with your partner. You can opt for a cosy corner in your house or your bedroom. 

Spread clean sheets on the bed. Although you will have to spread the waterproof sheets over it, cleanliness is attractive and healthy. Use a room freshener or oil diffuser to make the area smell good. Also, arrange for flowers, candles, some light music or fairy light if you prefer. 

You can always hint to your partner about the surprise to bring up the excitement.

  • Use Water Poof Sheets: You can either use nuru gel or nuru gel powder for Nuru massage. While the gel can be directly applied the powder needs to be mixed with water. Since the consistency is water-like and very slippery, you should make sure to cover your mattress with waterproof sheets. After all, you do not want your massage date to end in a lot of mess. 

You can also go for a plastic covering if you do not have waterproof  sheets. However, there are many brands and companies that manufacture sheets specifically for such purposes.

  • Set the Mood: You can either plan it as a complete surprise for your partner or tell them about it. Once you both are in the set ambience, start the sensuous talk, and let both of you be comfortable in the environment. You can then help each other undress to further enhance the excitement.
  • Start with Relaxing Movements: One of you can lie down on the stomach comfortably and the other can start with gentle relaxation movement. Make sure you have the gel container in an accessible position. Dip your hands and begin with gentle movement on the stress area, like the shoulder, neck and back.

The slippery texture of nuru gel will leave your hands gliding over your partner’s body. It will relieve their stress and further set the mood. Nowadays this gel comes in a lot of variations which have tea tree,  aloe vera and even chamomile. The aroma of the gel is sure to lift the excitement.

  • Begin the Fun: Once you both are comfortable with gel on your body, you can jump to the actual massaging tricks. Lay over your partner, and let your body parts slide over theirs, use your hands to gently exert pressure on the sensitive areas, their, thigh, curves and pelvis.

You can also go for a roll play to increase the fun. One of you can become the masseur and the other client. You can also switch roles so that both of you can equally enjoy the act. 

You can lay on your back or on your stomach above your partner and experience different sorts of pleasure as you slowly slide over their body.

  • Raise the temperature: Finally, when you are both warmed up by the massage, take some more nuru seaweed gel and start stimulating the sexual body parts, the breast, the navel, the inner thighs, the neck etc. You can also indulge in some romantic conversation and let your eyes do all the work.

Do not hurry, let it be a fun experience for both of you. Your partner can help you guide your way on their body, to feel the never before experienced pleasures. You can use a mirror in front of the bed. This will again arouse your partner as they watch you rubbing hands over their naked erotic areas. Utilize the moment and let them experience the ecstasy. 

This entire act would lead both of you to experience the ultimate sexual delights.

  •  Cool Down: After experiencing the heights of pleasure, you can just lie down beside each other with a feeling of satisfaction still sinking in your mind. Let your body relax and cool down to normal temperature.

Erotic Massage like these can leave you both exhausted and drained but happy. You can then wipe each other, or go for a shower together.  The sheets are obviously stained with gel running over them. You can remove the waterproof sheet later on and you will be glad to find the underneath sheets clean and intact. 

We hope you will have a good night’s sleep thereafter with your partner lying next to you.


We all love spending time with our loved ones, parents, kids and of course our partners but managing time for everyone is a task with our ever-increasing job responsibilities and duties. Our romantic relationship often takes a back seat once we have children and are loaded with a new set of responsibilities.

Dates, Dinners and massage sessions like these can fuel up your sex life. It is important that both of you take out time and plan certain things for each other. 

Nuru Massage is a popular erotic massage among couples. It is must try with your partner. We have the best quality nuru gel powder and nuru seaweed gel to make your massage session a memorable one. You can order them from our website www.eroticgel.com and surprise your partner.

Give them an unforgettable massage session and we promise they will end up planning similar sessions for you.