PC Technician Jobs for CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals

PC technician

PC Technician Jobs for CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals

PC technician skills lead the way in the fastest-growing tech jobs of 2021

Entry-level PC technicians will have a lot of opportunities in the years ahead, especially in 2021.

According to job search engine Indeed, knowing PC technician skills is very valuable if you’re new to the workforce and looking for a tech job in the United States.

Jobs relating to ‘junior help desk operators’ as well as ‘entry-level PC technicians’ or desktop PC support and troubleshooting are in high demand.

The number of junior helpdesk listings has increased 501% since January, while the number of entry-level PC technician listings has grown by 434% since January. A few years of experience with Windows, solid knowledge of Microsoft products, and effective communication skills are typically required for these roles.

PC technicians earning an average wage of $18.37 an hour are advised to get the CompTIA A+ Certification. Junior help desk roles earn an average salary of $42,542.

According to job listings, junior enterprise architect is the next fastest-growing role, and it offers a big pay raise. According to Indeed.com, the national average salary is $144,752, while the number of job listings has increased by 278% over the past year. An enterprise architect junior needs a good business mind, technical skills, and a high level of education.

The number of junior technical consultants has also doubled in the last year with a 256% increase. The average salary for these professionals is $60,057. Recently graduated computer science students are in demand for these roles, and employers in these fields are accepting internships and school projects as evidence of practical knowledge, reports Indeed.

As part of the position, you’ll help clients boost business performance by helping design and implement quality software and systems. You’ll also manage critical communications with clients. The following skills are useful: Salesforce, HTML5, CSS, XML.  

Similar to CAD operators, senior CAD positions have grown 234% over 2020. Their average salary nationally is $68,650. The skills that are most sought after are Microsoft Office Excel, CAD, AutoCAD, drafting, and MicroStation. In addition to strong reasoning and mathematics skills, candidates should possess strong geometric skills as well.

Meanwhile, an average salary of $52,563 is available for junior technical support positions, up 223% from this year.

Employers are seeking server and storage architects in droves, with salary averages of $92,203 nationwide. Expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, Java, software development, middleware, and embedded software are among the most sought-after skills.

The fastest-growing category for Indeed features just one top 10 positions at the senior level. With national average salaries of $196,397, senior technical director listings have increased by 160% this year.

PC technicians should be certified in CompTIA A+

A person who wishes to become a PC technician must pass both the CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ Practical Application exams to obtain the CompTIA A+ certification. Other courses related to the field can be pursued along with PC repair coursework.

CompTIA A+ represents the gold standard of hardware credentials and is the most well-known. A+ should be at least on the radar of anyone who intends to work with computers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, or operating systems, if not on their agenda.

The program has continued to draw interest and participation since its inception in March 1993. It is something of a checkbox item for PC technicians and support professionals with more than 1 million A+ credential holders. In many job ads or postings, it is also included.

ANSI has accredited A+ as well as being compliant with ISO 17024. Thus, this credential needs to be renewed every three years to maintain its currency, and maintaining certification will entail concomitant requirements for professional development. The renewal process requires 20 continuing education units (CEUs).

Two CompTIA exams must be passed to attain an A+ certification: 220-901 and 220-902. Among the topics covered in exams 220-901 are hardware, networking, mobile devices, connectivity, and troubleshooting. 220-902 tests your ability to install and configure common operating systems (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and iOS). Also covered are topics relating to cloud computing, security, and operational procedures. Candidates will find a variety of question formats on these exams, including standard multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based questions.

With this certification, candidates often find themselves in roles such as technical support specialist, field service technician, IT support technician, IT support administrator, or IT support specialist. A+ certification is recognized by the United States. Defense Department (in DoD Directive 8140/8570.01-M). In addition, technology companies such as Ricoh, Nissan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dell, HP, and Intel require staff to hold the A+ certification to fill certain positions.

A+ certification covers a wide range of topics including hardware and software, communications, and security in its overall scope.

A+ Facts and Figures

Certification name – CompTIA A+

Prerequisites & required courses – 9-12 months of experience recommended

Number of exams – Two exams (maximum of 90 questions, 90 minutes): 220-901 and 220-902 (CompTIA Academy Partners use the same numbers)

Cost per exam – $211 per exam. Exams administered by Pearson VUE. Exam vouchers available at CompTIA

URL – https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/comptia-a-plus

PC technicians can work in White label help desks

Help desks also called IT support centers or technical service departments, provide information and assistance to users of computers. The primary purpose of the help desk is to help end-users who have questions about their computers, software applications, networks, etc., while they are using those products. Secondarily, the program assists with problem resolution in these fields if they arise. These white label help desks hire PC technicians.