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The ATLASSIAN ACP-610 certification exam is a comprehensive exam that requires a thorough understanding of Jira project management principles and practices. Candidates are required to demonstrate their knowledge of Jira project management by answering a series of multiple-choice questions, as well as by completing a practical exam that involves applying their skills to real-world scenarios.

ATLASSIAN Managing Jira Projects for Data Center Sample Questions (Q60-Q65):

Your coworkers, Jill and Dave, want you to create a filter and a corresponding filter subscription to run every morning at 8 AM.
For the query result, they each want to receive a list of only their own issues that were assigned to them in the last 8 hours.
Which JQL query will you use in the filter?

  • A. assignee changed TO (Jill,Dave) >= -8h
  • B. assignee changed TO currentUser() AFTER startOfDay()
  • C. assignee changed TO currentUser() >= -8h
  • D. assignee = Jill OR assignee = Dave AND created AFTER startOfDay()
  • E. assignee in (Jill,Dave) AND created >= -8h

Answer: B

How do you configure the default unit for time tracking (minute, hour, day, week) in Jira?

  • A. per issue type
  • B. per instance
  • C. per user
  • D. per group
  • E. per project

Answer: A

For the DEV project, Max has these requirements relating to time logging:
– I need to be able to edit time logs.
– I need to be able to delete time logs.
Which three project permissions does Max need in order to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

  • A. Delete All Worklogs
  • B. Edit All Comments
  • C. Work On Issues
  • D. Move Issues
  • E. Edit All Worklogs
  • F. Schedule Issues

Answer: A,C,E

All projects use a shared permission scheme.
The Browse Projects permission needs to be updated. Project administrators need to be able to manage access to their own projects.
What entry should be added to the Browse Projects permission?

  • A. Group
  • B. Project Role
  • C. Application access
  • D. Single user
  • E. Project lead

Answer: E

An extract of a permission scheme is shown below.

Jennifer Evans needs to be able to:
– Manage project role membership
– Log time to issues
What is the minimum number of project roles she needs?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: C


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