QuickBooks is a well-known accounting software that is used by business owners and accountants all over the world to manage their small to medium-sized organisations. You can use QuickBooks to handle your invoices, pay bills, measure cash flow, and work with your accounting staff. While using QuickBooks, you may come across a number of QuickBooks file extensions that the programme utilises to save data. QuickBooks has a number of file extensions that are used for various purposes. File extensions also differ between QB editions. The file extension in QuickBooks 2017 will, for example, differ from that in QuickBooks 2018. QuickBooks operations such as financial statement design, online banking, and loan manager all need distinct extensions.

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QuickBooks File Extensions That Are Commonly Used:

The following are some of the most regularly seen file extensions when using QuickBooks

QuickBooks Company file with the extension.QBW

QuickBooks software stores accounting data, letters, logos, templates, and images for your firm in QBW files.

.QBB File Extension – QuickBooks Backup File Format

A QBB file stores backups of Financial Records, logos, templates, letters, and graphics. It is a backup of a QBW file.

QuickBooks Portable file type (.QBM)


The QuickBooks file extension QBM indicates that the file with this QuickBooks file extension is a compressed version of a.QBW file (QuickBooks company files). Because these files are smaller in size, they are perfect for distribution among accountants.

‘.QBO’ File Extension- QuickBooks Online Bank Statement

.QBO files include an electronic bank statement retrieved from the official website of a financial institution.

Accountant’s Review Copy-.QBX File Type (Export File)

A backup file for Accountant’s copy of the user’s company file is a.QBW file. When these files are restored by the accountants, they become an Accountant’s duplicate of the file.

QuickBooks Accountant Copy Working File (.QBA)

This QuickBooks file extension is used for files that need to be reviewed by an accountant.

‘.ND’ File Extension- Network Data File

The.ND file is a configuration file that grants people access to the QuickBooks company file.

.TLG File Extension- Transaction Log File

The.TLG file records changes to the file since the last backup.

QB Windows Log is the file type.

When users execute the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility, this file is created or changed.

The Importance of QuickBooks File Extension

Different file extensions have distinct properties and serve distinct functions-

  • It is now easy for users to determine what type of material a specific file contains.
  • Users can categorise the same type of QuickBooks file extension in order to keep their accounting data organised and prevent data tangles.
  • Users can save time by identifying a file type just by looking at the file extension.
  • The identification of the correct file type can assist the desktop in launching the file in the appropriate programme.
  • QuickBooks file extensions also assist users in validating the authenticity of data files in order to safeguard them.

There is a long number of QuickBooks file extensions, each of which serves an important part in optimising your business bookkeeping. You can reach the QuickBooks Data Conversion Services expert at +1-888-704-13577 to get all of your file extension-related questions answered right away.