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The IBM C1000-142 exam is intended for cloud professionals who have experience in designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including cloud architecture and design, cloud security, cloud services, and cloud operations. This certification exam is a great way for professionals to validate their skills and knowledge in cloud computing and demonstrate their expertise to potential employers.

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IBM Cloud Advocate v2 Sample Questions (Q33-Q38):

Which of the following are types of Key Value Database?(Select Two)

  • A. etcd
  • B. Redis
  • C. MongoDB
  • D. PostgreSQL

Answer: A,B

etcd is an open source distributed key-value store used to hold and manage the critical information that distributed systems need to keep running. etcd’s performance is heavily dependent upon storage disk speed, so it’s highly recommended to use SSDs in etcd environments. Redis (for REmote DIctionary Server) is an open-source, in-memory, NoSQL key-value store that is used primarily as an application cache or quick-response database. Redis supports multiple data structures, built-in Lua scripting, multiple levels of on-disk persistence, and high availability. Redis is an in-memory data store and can function as a database, cache, or message broker. In-Correct Answers : MongoDB is an open source, non-relational database management system that uses flexible documents to process and store various forms of data. A NoSQL solution, MongoDB provides an elastic data model that enables users to store and query multivariate data types with ease. This not only simplifies database management for developers but also creates a highly scalable environment for applications and services. MongoDB uses documents or collections of documents as its basic unit of data. Formatted as JSON objects, these documents can store various types of data and be distributed across multiple systems. MongoDB offers a few capabilities that make it stand out from other database management systems, including load balancing, ad hoc database queries, and multi-language support. PostgreSQL, commonly pronounced “Post-GRES,” is an open-source database that has a strong reputation for its reliability, flexibility, and support of open technical standards. PostgreSQL provides the ability to restore databases to a specific moment in time because it maintains a write-ahead log that logs every database change. PostgreSQL features built-in support for multiple procedural languages.

Which of the following statement is correct for IAM?

  • A. It is used to control access to resources
  • B. It enables only authentication for the tenancy
  • C. It enables only authorization for the tenancy
  • D. It enables bring-your-own-devices

Answer: A

Identity and access management, or IAM is used to control access to resources.

Which service on IBM Cloud is offered as a document oriented database ?

  • A. Enterprise DB
  • B. Db2
  • C. MySql
  • D. Mongo DB

Answer: D

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database.

Which key manager in IBM cloud stores keys in hardware security module (HSM) and provides a Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) capabilities?

  • A. Hyper Protect Virtual Server
  • B. Key Protect
  • C. Hyper Protect Crypto Services
  • D. Certificate Manager

Answer: C

Correct answer:
Hyper Protect Crypto Services is a key management system that provides keep your own key (KYOK) capabilities for cloud data encryption. It provides lifecycle management for keys, encryption for IBM Cloud services, access management, auditing, and security certification.
In-Correct Answers:
Key Protect securely stores and applies secrets for apps. It provides encryption solutions and allows data to be secured and stored in IBM Cloud through envelope encryption. If users want to manage symmetric keys to encrypt data at rest, they should use Key Protect.
IBM Certificate Manager service helps you manage and deploy SSL/TLS certificates for your apps and services. Certificate Manager provides you with a security-rich repository for your certificates and their associated private keys and helps prevent outages by sending you notifications when your certificates are about to expire.
IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers grant you complete authority over your Linux-based virtual servers for workloads that contain sensitive data and business IP. They offer a confidential computing environment, addressing your top security concerns for peace of mind when building applications in the cloud and helping you with the following issues:
– Memory protection through a trusted execution environment
– Data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption
– Prevention of unauthorized access

Kubernetes relies on ____ configuration files to maintain the application state? (Fill in the Blank)

  • A. XML
  • B. HTML
  • C. YAML
  • D. HTTP

Answer: C

Kubernetes relies on YAML configuration files to maintain the application state.


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