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Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION
Felicia has spent much of her adult life overseas, and has just recently returned to the U.S. to help her friend Celeste open a jewelry store in Californi a. Felicia, despite being excited at the prospect, has a number of security concerns, and has only grudgingly accepted the need to hire other employees. In order to guard against the loss of valuable merchandise, Felicia wants to carefully screen applicants. With their permission, Felicia would like to run credit checks, administer polygraph tests, and scrutinize videos of interviews. She intends to read applicants’ postings on social media, ask Question:s about drug addiction, and solicit character references. Felicia believes that if potential employees are serious about becoming part of a dynamic new business, they will readily agree to these requirements.
Felicia is also in favor of strict employee oversight. In addition to protecting the inventory, she wants to prevent mistakes during transactions, which will require video monitoring. She also wants to regularly check the company vehicle’s GPS for locations visited by employees. She also believes that employees who use their own devices for work-related purposes should agree to a certain amount of supervision.
Given her high standards, Felicia is skeptical about the proposed location of the store. She has been told that many types of background checks are not allowed under California law. Her friend Celeste thinks these worries are unfounded, as long as applicants verbally agree to the checks and are offered access to the results. Nor does Celeste share Felicia’s concern about state breach notification laws, which, she claims, would be costly to implement even on a minor scale. Celeste believes that even if the business grows a customer database of a few thousand, it’s unlikely that a state agency would hassle an honest business if an accidental security incident were to occur.
In any case, Celeste feels that all they need is common sense – like remembering to tear up sensitive documents before throwing them in the recycling bin. Felicia hopes that she’s right, and that all of her concerns will be put to rest next month when their new business consultant (who is also a privacy professional) arrives from North Carolina.
Based on Felicia’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan, the business consultant will most likely advise Felicia and Celeste to do what?

  • A. Weigh any productivity benefits of the plan against the risk of privacy issues.
  • B. Make employment decisions based on those willing to consent to the plan in writing.
  • C. Reconsider the plan in favor of a policy of dedicated work devices.
  • D. Adopt the same kind of monitoring policies used for work-issued devices.

Answer: B


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Cheryl is the sole owner of Fitness Coach, Inc., a medium-sized company that helps individuals realize their physical fitness goals through classes, individual instruction, and access to an extensive indoor gym. She has owned the company for ten years and has always been concerned about protecting customer’s privacy while maintaining the highest level of service. She is proud that she has built long-lasting customer relationships.
Although Cheryl and her staff have tried to make privacy protection a priority, the company has no formal privacy policy. So Cheryl hired Janice, a privacy professional, to help her develop one.
After an initial assessment, Janice created a first of a new policy. Cheryl read through the draft and was concerned about the many changes the policy would bring throughout the company. For example, the draft policy stipulates that a customer’s personal information can only be held for one year after paying for a service such as a session with personal trainer. It also promises that customer information will not be shared with third parties without the written consent of the customer. The wording of these rules worry Cheryl since stored personal information often helps her company to serve her customers, even if there are long pauses between their visits. In addition, there are some third parties that provide crucial services, such as aerobics instructors who teach classes on a contract basis. Having access to customer files and understanding the fitness levels of their students helps instructors to organize their classes.
Janice understood Cheryl’s concerns and was already formulating some ideas for revision. She tried to put Cheryl at ease by pointing out that customer data can still be kept, but that it should be classified according to levels of sensitivity. However, Cheryl was skeptical. It seemed that classifying data and treating each type differently would cause undue difficulties in the company’s day-to-day operations. Cheryl wants one simple data storage and access system that any employee can access if needed.
Even though the privacy policy was only a draft, she was beginning to see that changes within her company were going to be necessary. She told Janice that she would be more comfortable with implementing the new policy gradually over a period of several months, one department at a time. She was also interested in a layered approach by creating documents listing applicable parts of the new policy for each department.
What is the main problem with Cheryl’s suggested method of communicating the new privacy policy?

  • A. Employees would not be comfortable with a policy that is put into action overtime.
  • B. The policy would not be considered valid if not communicated in full.
  • C. Employees might not understand how the documents relate to the policy as a whole.
  • D. The policy might not be implemented consistency across departments.

Answer: D


Please use the following to answer the next question:
WonderkKids provides an online booking service for childcare. Wonderkids is based in France, but hosts its website through a company in Switzerland. As part of their service, WonderKids will pass all personal data provided to them to the childcare provider booked through their system. The type of personal data collected on the website includes the name of the person booking the childcare, address and contact details, as well as information about the children to be cared for including name, age, gender and health information. The privacy statement on Wonderkids’ website states the following:
“WonderkKids provides the information you disclose to us through this website to your childcare provider for scheduling and health and safety reasons. We may also use your and your child’s personal information for our own legitimate business purposes and we employ a third-party website hosting company located in Switzerland to store the data. Any data stored on equipment located in Switzerland meets the European Commission provisions for guaranteeing adequate safeguards for you and your child’s personal information.
We will only share you and your child’s personal information with businesses that we see as adding real value to you. By providing us with any personal data, you consent to its transfer to affiliated businesses and to send you promotional offers.”
“We may retain you and your child’s personal information for no more than 28 days, at which point the data will be depersonalized, unless your personal information is being used for a legitimate business purpose beyond 28 days where it may be retained for up to 2 years.”
“We are processing you and your child’s personal information with your consent. If you choose not to provide certain information to us, you may not be able to use our services. You have the right to: request access to you and your child’s personal information; rectify or erase you or your child’s personal information; the right to correction or erasure of you and/or your child’s personal information; object to any processing of you and your child’s personal information. You also have the right to complain to the supervisory authority about our data processing activities.” What must the contract between WonderKids and the hosting service provider contain?

  • A. Controller-to-controller model contract clauses.
  • B. A non-disclosure agreement.
  • C. Audit rights for the data subjects.
  • D. The requirement to implement technical and organizational measures to protect the data.

Answer: D


What is the consequence if a processor makes an independent decision regarding the purposes and means of processing it carries out on behalf of a controller?

  • A. The processor will be considered to be a controller in respect of the processing concerned
  • B. The controller will be liable to pay an administrative fine
  • C. The controller will be required to demonstrate that the unauthorized processing negatively affected one or more of the parties involved
  • D. The processor will be liable to pay compensation to affected data subjects

Answer: D


What practice do courts commonly require in order to protect certain personal information on documents, whether paper or electronic, that is involved in litigation?

  • A. Hashing
  • B. Encryption
  • C. Redaction
  • D. Deletion

Answer: C



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