In today’s scenario, safety at the workplace is one of the most imperative concerns that every industry has to take care of. Additionally, the only and safest way to offer employees protection from hazardous environments is with the use of safety equipment. Moreover, the pre-requisite in a high-risk environment is high-quality, best-in-class safety equipment. Furthermore, industrial workers are frequently required to perform a variety of job assignments that pose a serious health risk. Therefore, donning safety equipment and protective gear is the need of the hour.

Furthermore, there are a wide array of safety equipment and garments, such as jackets, helmets, gloves, and coats that are essential to amplify safety standards in an industrial workplace. Not to mention, when employees wear appropriate safety equipment, they can carry out their jobs effectively. So, safety equipment supplier in Dubai plays a crucial role in offering employees much-needed, high-quality gear.

Let’s dig deeper to understand why employees need this safety equipment, what types of accidents commonly occur at industrial workspaces, and much more.

Why does every employee in a high-risk environment require safety equipment?

Undoubtedly, 80% of every nation’s workforce is employed in industries like mining, power plants, energy, automotive, and construction. Occurrence of physical danger often happens in these industries alone. From working under UV lights to layered cords to exposure to sharp objects to chemical spills, there are a myriad of conditions employees are exposed to. Plus, more dangerous is exposure to gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. So, to safeguard workers from these kinds of threats, it is necessary for every industry to have high-quality safety equipment.

What are some of the most common types of industrial accidents?

Industrial calamities are a common occurrence in high-risk environments. However, with good quality industrial safety equipment, such as safety gear and PPE suits, these accidents can be avoided and workers’ lives can be protected, irrespective of the task they are performing.

Below are the common industrial accidents:

  • Object Fallings

In a heavy-duty industry such as manufacturing sites, heavy items that are not positioned properly may lead to worker injuries. Because these objects are massive and heavy, if they fall on a person, they can instantly kill him by crushing him severely. But if there are adequate safety measures and gear, it can minimize accidents and save the employees’ lives.

  • Exposure to Burns and Chemicals

Chemicals that are not properly stored in laboratories can become a primary cause of serious accidents. Besides this, improper disposal of chemicals also poses serious threats to health. With protective gear such as chemical gloves, one can offer protection to workers.

  • Slipping

Another commonly occurring mishap is slipping, i.e., when a worker performs a job at great heights and if the positioning is imbalanced, they might slip and fall from the height. This resulted in severe injuries and, in some cases; the death of workers. But with proper harnesses, helmets, life jackets, and footwear, workers can safeguard themselves from these kinds of fatal injuries.

How do you define PPE (personal protective equipment)?

PPE aka Personal protective equipment is equipment worn to reduce the exposure to highly dangerous objects that may cause serious injuries and illness. There are a plethora of items included in PEE, like safety glasses, vests, full-body suits, gloves, footwear, earplugs, hard hats, and much more.

Furthermore, PPE must be worn at all times and in all places. Before using, carefully read the instruction manual to learn how to use them, how to maintain them after use, and whether or not they provide protection.

What are the types of safety equipment?

  • Face shields
  • Protective footwear
  • Led Guard
  • Safety helmets
  • Chemical gloves
  • PPE Equipment
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Gloves
  • Leather Jackets
  • Welding gloves
  • Hats
  • Eye glasses
  • Face masks
  • Respirators
  • PPE
  • And more!

Things To Consider Before Choosing Safety Equipment For Workplace

It can be a daunting task to choose which safety equipment and tools are required for your business. The right industrial safety product ensures the safety of employees. Here are some key considerations one should know before buying safety equipment:

1.  Check the rules and regulations.

Before investing in any equipment, such as LED flood lights or safety equipment like gloves, it is essential you check the regulations and standards in your industry. The safety equipment meets the requirements and complies with the law.

2.  Durability

It is imperative that you choose safety equipment that is durable and of high quality. Before purchasing drill machines, ensure that they are of high quality and will last for many years.

3.  Comfort

PPE kits and helmet comfort and fit are important pieces of safety equipment. These equipments are to be worn by workers for a long time, so ensure they are comfortable, fit properly, and offer maximum protection.

4.  Affordability

The cost of the equipment should fit your budget while still providing adequate protection to the wearer. Hence, considering the cost is important.

5.  Feedback From Employee

Do solicit feedback from the workers who are using the safety equipment. This will help in determining the effectiveness of equipment, and if any changes are required, you can request them from the vendor.

What are the benefits of investing in safety equipment?

As mentioned earlier, safety equipment is important for workers working in high-risk environments. Furthermore, regardless of how simple or difficult a task is, it is critical that you and your workers have the proper safety equipment.

Here are some reasons why investing in safety equipment can be your safest bet:

  • Say No To Injuries

Probably among the top reasons to purchase safety equipment is to safeguard individuals from injuries. Safety equipment such as gloves, helmets, goggles, and footwear can significantly protect employees from deadly accidents. It is vital to always buy safety equipment from a trusted brand.

  • Prevent Legal Liability

In myriad industries, safety equipment is mandated by the regulations of countries to protect workers. So compliance with the law not only safeguards employees from dangerous accidents but also help employers avoid legal liabilities.

  • Higher Productivity

It is a proven fact that when workers feel safe and secure, they tend to perform better. Simply put, employees perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, leading to increased productivity. The result is higher profit, which helps businesses grow and achieve unprecedented success.

  • Spend less on healthcare

If an employee is injured while completing the task, the healthcare cost is borne by the employers. However, with high-quality safety equipment, the likelihood of injuries reduces significantly, and the associated healthcare costs also decrease. 

Final thoughts

Safety equipment protects employees from various types of risks and hazards that may cause injury or harm. From increasing productivity to boosting morale, safety equipment plays a crucial role in helping businesses grow.

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