Are you keen to know more about LED spotlights and light bulbs? This is the perfect spot. Our product specialists have put together this complete guide to help you in choosing the right LED bulb or spotlight to meet your needs. We will cover everything all the way from Kelvins to Lumens as well as voltage and Wattage, so that you are able to take the intelligent choice to LED Lighting without hesitation. So let’s get going.

An Analysis Of Led Lights:

Let’s begin at the beginning. The phrase “light emitting diode,” or LED means an electronic device that converts electrical energy to light. It is the result that you get an LED light source that you can use at your home, which is contained in a lamp or another fixture. Lighting with LEDs is very new. About one hundred years since the initial incandescent bulb was invented basic LED lighting was first developed during the 60s. It was not until the 1990s that their capabilities for illumination were widely acknowledged. They are superior to fluorescent and incandescent lighting in terms of efficiency in terms of lifetime, efficiency, and adaptability however we’ll talk more about this later.

Different Led Light Types

Dual Led In-line Package:

In the beginning, LED chips came in DIP ones, and are the ones that most people imagine when they think of LED lights. While they’re more popular than their counterparts from the past, DIP LED chips are still in use and often as part of electronics due to their tiny dimensions. However, they’re not particularly strong and only offer a tiny amount of luminosity.

Surface-attached Diode LED:

They’re probably the most used type of LED chips. They are positioned and then soldered to the board circuit. They are smaller and more bright in comparison to the DIP counterparts, which makes them more flexible in the sense of fitting smaller devices or in other kinds of lighting, for example strip lighting. Three diodes can be housed in the same SMD chip, which allows the production of a range of colors, and offer users with more options. In the field of LEDs it’s been an important breakthrough. The two most well-known SMD chips include SMD 3528 as well as SMD 5050 each measuring 5 millimeters in width.


The COB chips represent the latest technological advancements of LED technology. With the capability to incorporate at least nine diodes in the same chip, COB LEDs are the most bright of three. The benefits of LED lighting are as follows: First it boosts the energy-to-brightness ratio and improves the efficiency of lighting. Also, this means that they can be utilized with a range of lighting designs. The COB LED’s circuitry blocks it from releasing a vast spectrum of colors, therefore it’s crucial to remember that.

The Advantages Of LED Lighting Over Conventionall Lighting:

In the next few years the market for LED lighting is expected to explode. A ban that is being proposed on incandescent and halogen lighting in the near future, set to go into effect and is likely to have a major impact on their appeal to both businesses and consumers. What is the reason for the EU proposing the ban? It’s all about the numerous advantages LED lighting offers over more conventional lighting options such as halogen, incandescent and halogen.

In the beginning, LED lighting consumes as much as 60 percent lesser power as CFL bulbs, which are the first energy efficient bulbs that are widely available that consume 90 percent lower energy consumption than traditional incandescent or Halogen lamps. Depending on the kind of fitting you choose it is possible that this will change however, LED remains the market leader in terms of energy efficiency. The main benefit for companies who are under pressure to meet the requirements of government incentives and energy quotas will be the fact that LED light is more eco-friendly than conventional lighting. This helps commercial and residential buildings cut down on their carbon footprint as well as enhance their green credentials as well as energy rating. Lower energy costs result from better efficiency, something all of us can benefit from. One of the largest electric consumption areas is lighting.

In addition the savings can be further. Halogen, incandescent and CFL bulbs are far less long-lasting than LED bulbs and spotlights. Although traditional lighting usually lasts for a year or less LED lighting can last for an average life span of 15 years, giving more quality for the money you spend and saving money on replacement bulbs too. Professional and amateur interior designers are beginning to gravitate towards LEDs. This is because LEDs provide a wider variety of colors than traditional bulbs and spotlights. White light, expressed by Kelvins (be patient, we’ll come back to this later) is available in a variety of shades from the light they emit. You can therefore personalize your work and living spaces according to your needs and preferences, you can select a variety of colors to match various styles, rooms and interiors.

LED Filament Bulb:

Bulbs are now in fashion. Designers are now focusing on the shape and design of the bulb as well as how well they light the space they choose to use in their designs since there’s an ever-growing selection of styles that are available. If you take a look next time you’re at an establishment or a restaurant in the center of town, you’ll find various glowing filaments that are exposed hanging from fittings for pendants with an industrial style. This style has grown in recognition. The filament bulb is highly sought-after by those building their new homes or trying to improve their lighting. The filament, which is a column of flames that is visible from the center of the bulb and is responsible for producing the light it produces, is the one that emits the light.

LED DOWNLIGHTS by AGM Electrical Supplies

LED downlights are a type of lighting fixtures that are typically mounted on the ceiling and directed downward to provide ambient or task lighting. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting and can be dimmed to create different lighting effects. AGM Electrical Supplies is a company that provides a wide range of electrical products and equipment, including LED downlights. They may offer different types of LED downlights such as square, round, recessed and adjustable downlights, which can be used in various areas of a building such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and commercial spaces. They may also offer different color temperatures options, such as warm white, cool white, and daylight, as well as different wattage and lumen output options. LED downlights can also be available in different beam angles, which can be selected depending on the application.

LED downlights are a great lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces, they provide bright and efficient lighting, while also being energy-efficient and long-lasting. AGM Electrical Supplies can provide guidance and help in choosing the right LED downlight that fits the specific needs of your project, whether it’s a new construction or a retrofit. They can also provide installation and maintenance services.