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The VMware vSphere with Tanzu Specialist certification is ideal for IT professionals who are responsible for deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Tanzu environments on vSphere infrastructure. The certification exam covers a wide range of topics, including Tanzu architecture, Kubernetes clusters, networking, storage, security, and troubleshooting. The exam also requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to use VMware vSphere with Tanzu to deploy and manage modern applications, including containerized applications.

The VMware 5V0-23.20 certification exam is a 105-minute exam that consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The exam tests the candidate’s knowledge of vSphere with Tanzu architecture, Kubernetes basics, and container networking. The exam also evaluates the candidate’s ability to deploy and manage Tanzu Kubernetes clusters, configure vSphere Pod Service, and work with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service. Passing this certification exam requires a score of at least 300 points out of a possible 500.

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VMware vSphere with Tanzu Specialist Sample Questions (Q55-Q60):

Which statement provides the most accurate description for the Sphere let?

  • A. The Spherelet includes a paravirtualized Linux kernel that works together with the hypervisor.
  • B. The Spherelets exist as VMs and are load balanced, each with their own IP address.
  • C. The Spherelet allows the ESXi host to become part of the Kubernetes cluster.
  • D. The Spherelet provides high availability for the Kubernetes cluster.

Answer: B

Which object helps maintain copies of a vSphere pod?

  • A. Persistent Volume
  • B. Network Policies
  • C. ReplicaSets
  • D. Namespaces

Answer: A

Which object helps maintain copies of a vSphere pod?

  • A. Network Policies
  • B. Persistent Volume
  • C. Namespaces
  • D. ReplicaSets

Answer: D


A ReplicaSet declares how the functionality of a pod is made scalable and resilient through redundancy. The ReplicaSet ensures that a specified number of pods is kept running. Example: Deploy a ReplicaSet. * The ReplicaSet name is nginx-replica-demo. * Two replicas are expected to be running. * The ReplicaSet applies to pods with label nginx.
For more information about Kubernetes replica sets, see

Which process should be used to upgrade the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster?

  • A. Use kubectl, and apply an update manifest specification to the Supervisor Cluster.
  • B. Allow vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster to upgrade automatically when new versions are available.
  • C. Use the vSphere Client, navigate to vSphere lifecycle Manager, and apply updates
  • D. Use the vSphere Client, navigate to Workload Management, and apply updates.

Answer: D

From the vSphere Client menu, select Workload Management.
Select the Updates tab.
Select the Available Version that you want to update to.
For example, select the version v1.17.4-vsc0.0.2-16293900.
Select the Supervisor Cluster to apply the update to.
To initiate the update, click Apply Updates.
Use the Recent Tasks pane to monitor the status of the update.

Which three roles does the Spherelet perform? (Choose three )

  • A. Provisions Tanzu Kubernetes clusters
  • B. Manages node configuration
  • C. Communicates with Kubernetes API
  • D. Determines placement of vSphere pods
  • E. Provides a key-value store for pod configuration
  • F. Starts vSphere pods

Answer: B,C,F


Spherelet is a kubelet that is ported natively to ESXi. It allows the ESXi host to become part of a Kubernetes cluster. Spherelet performs the following functions:
* Communicates with the control plane VMs
* Manages node configuration
* Starts vSphere Pods
* Monitors vSphere Pods


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