The Axis ANVE certification test is made to verify the expertise of specialists operating in the video surveillance sector. Obtaining Axis Certified Professional certification can significantly advance a person’s job if they want to show that they are knowledgeable about Axis video surveillance technology. You should use Axis’s official study guide to have a grasp of subjects like Axis camera installation and configuration, network video technologies, and video management systems in order to pass the Axis Network Video Exam. Thankfully, you have access to a number of tools to aid in your preparation, including official Axis training programs, study materials, and mock examinations. By using Axis Exam PDF sample questions, you can get ready and improve your possibility of passing the Axis ANVE exam.

Axis Network Video Exam Overview

An advanced computer-based exam called the Axis Network Video Exam is available for $150 USD at Pearson VUE test locations and online through OnVUE. Axis Network Video Exam is offered worldwide online through OnVUE, but only in a few nations’ test centers.

How to Schedule An Axis Network Video Exam?

At a testing facility, there are three ways to make a test session.

  • Visit online
  • On-site at a testing facility near you
  • Speak with customer support at Pearson VUE

What information should I prepare to provide when scheduling the exam?

You should be ready to give the following details when you make your appointment. Your membership card and certificate will be created using the personal details you provide.

  • The name on your identification on the day of your exam must precisely match the name used to make your appointment. The identity must, at the very least, be a legitimate, government-issued ID with your picture, your name in the English alphabet, and your signature.
  • Your applicant ID for Pearson VUE, if you have one
  • Phone numbers: If there’s an issue, we’ll call you at these numbers.
  • Mailing address: Indicate the location where you want your membership to be sent.
  • Test code: ANVE
  • Email address: A valid email address is necessary for registering.

What identification is required on-site at the test center?

You need two legitimate forms of identification, one with a picture and both bearing your signature, to take the Axis Network Video Exam in the testing facility. Original, valid, government-issued, photo, signature, and non-expired (valid) are the requirements for main identification documents.

Reschedule or Cancel the appointment

You have up to 48 hours before your test appointment to change or cancel your test appointment at the test location using the Pearson VUE website. You have up to an hour before your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule the online exam. You will have to pay the exam fee even if you don’t cancel or show up late. This covers all forms of payment, including cash, checks, and credit cards.

Prerequisite Of Axis ANVE Exam

There are no formal prerequisites for taking the Axis ANVE (Axis Network Video Exam). However, candidates should have some knowledge and experience in the area of network video technology, such as video surveillance systems, IP cameras, network protocols, and network security. Additionally, candidates should have a basic understanding of networking principles, such as TCP/IP, routing, and switching. To ensure success on the ANVE exam, candidates should review the exam content outline and ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the topics covered. They may also consider taking a study course or using study materials to prepare for the exam. Axis Communications provides study materials and training courses to help candidates prepare for the exam.

It is also recommended that candidates have some practical experience working with Axis network video products and solutions. This experience can provide valuable insight into the real-world applications of network video technology and can help candidates understand the concepts covered on the exam.Overall, while there are no formal prerequisites for taking the ANVE exam, candidates should have a solid foundation in network video technology and related fields to ensure success on the exam.

How To Prepare Well For The Axis ANVE Exam?

A thorough knowledge of video surveillance technology and the capacity to apply that knowledge to actual situations are prerequisites for passing the Axis ANVE test. Taking the official Axis study guide, which offers in-depth coverage of the exam topics, is one of the best methods to prepare. Study materials and mock exams can be used to help you pinpoint information gaps. ExamsKit provides Axis Exam PDF and the Axis ANVE practice test to ensure high scores in Axis Network Video Exam. Making connections with other experts in the field of video security and taking notes on their experiences is another smart move. You can pass the Axis ANVE certification exam and advance your career in the video surveillance business by putting a lot of effort into these strategies.


The Axis ANVE exam is a certification test that verifies your understanding of and proficiency with video security systems. The exam covers a wide range of subjects, including setting up and configuring Axis cameras, network video technologies, and video management systems. The test takes 1.5 hours to complete and has 50 multiple-choice questions. The exam’s passing result is 70 percent. System designers, installers, and integrators are among the professionals in the video security sector for whom ANVE certification is intended. By passing this test, you can prove that you are knowledgeable about Axis video surveillance equipment and establish your authority in the industry.